Squidoo Lenses in November

squidoo-lenses-novemberI mentioned at the end of October that I was pretty busy focusing on other projects so I wouldn’t have very many new lenses in November – and that was very true, but I did manage to make a few during the month… mostly holiday themed.

==> Christmas USB Flash Drives
Was shopping for new flash drives for Lucas (my 14 yr old) to use in his photography class and happened upon a cute little snowman, then wondered if there were other holiday themed flash drives – sure enough, there were and Wordtracker told me that it was something people actually searched for.

==> 5 Memory Making Family Gifts that Don’t Come in Packages
Not a sales lens at all. Why? Because some of my best lenses sell absolutely nothing, they just offer free information. They still earn money because Squidoo has a generous revenue sharing program that lets you earn through the Adsense and link text ads that are automatically displayed.

==> Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Did this one as part of a Squidoo Quest to create a lens on a wacky holiday in the month of November. I came across Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day and thought that was sort of funny and also a good opportunity to promote my friend Tracy’s Kindle ebook on organizing your home.

==> Logitech Squeezebox Radio Player Review
I actually did this one while watching a movie with my husband. I like electronics and lots of people buy electronics online, so I usually end up with at least one or two review style lenses like this per month.

==> Gluten Free Holiday Gifts
I put this together because someone asked me what kind of cookies and treats there are to give at holiday time when the intended recipient is gluten free (like me – and yes, I would glad to receive any of the gifts featured on this lens)

==> Skylanders Giants Video Game
This is actually a lens about what we’re getting our kids for Christmas this holiday.
(shh, don’t tell them – they don’t read this blog!)

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  1. You’ve got some great looking lenses! I managed to get about 15 lenses done this month which isn’t too bad at all. I’ll be working hard on Squidoo for the next two weeks and then I’ll slow down for a while.

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m a little irked that they yellow flagged my refrigerator day lens for a tiny quote that I attributed properly, I put in a ticket and never got a response, then they locked it and I put in a second ticket and never got a response again. I even used the Giant Squid Concierge address that’s supposed to get faster service and I got nothing except the automated “we received your ticket” reply. It was a quest lens for the wacky holidays, it even received likes and everything from Squidoo volunteers and staff. I don’t expect it to be a high ranking money maker, but still I’m annoyed that they didn’t even respond to my support ticket. I’m sure it’s a busy time, but I don’t understand why they don’t bring on more people to handle support when they obviously have a huge community of people ready to help out if needed.

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