Squidoo Lenses for March

I think I may have jinxed things in February when I said things seemed to be getting back to normal at Squidoo. Just as February ended and March began things got a little hectic in the ocean that is Squidoo. Overall they were seeking to improve content and in the process the scared the bejebus out of lensmasters, there was finger pointing and public humiliation, and it got quite ugly in the comments section of a few discussions at HQ.

A new Squidliking policy was introduced, and the impending crackdown on spun content and robotic sounding drivel became the hot topic of the month. While HQ is great for direct from the source information, I found this page by Paul to be a great outline of how lensmasters were feeling about the rough waters during March; Whither Squidoo? There’s some really fabulous conversation happening on that page and the poll results are interesting too.

I didn’t do a lot of Squidoo this month. I worked on a few of the Imminent Quests, but aside from that I was busy with my transcription service and working on my niche sites while going through the Forever Affiliate course. All that said here are the few pages I did manage to publish over there this month,…

==> Blue Snowball USB Computer Microphone – The Imminent quest was about must-have electronics and I had just purchased and received my new microphone the same week as the quest so it seemed like a good fit.

==> Five Facebook Memes That Just Won’t Go Away – This was just …. random. But it did get some great comments and it was fun to make. Sometimes randomness just needs to happen.

I do think that their conference call and their FAQ blog post helped to clear things up a bit and we’ll all starting to feel a little better now. I still haven’t made any new lenses and I only did the one Imminent quest. Although, I probably would have done at least one more if I hadn’t been so busy with other things; building my new niche sites, working on transcription projects for clients, and running to soccer practices takes up a lot of time.

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