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A little more email Q&A going on here. I would actually like to get some varying opinions on this one, so please chime in with comments on how you handle product page creation as well.

How did you handle the “products” page? My site is geared toward new parents. I will have a lot of product reviews and want to have a product page so they can purchase these things.

I think it ends up varying by site. It can be blog style or ecommerce style if you want. Just do what makes the most sense at the time and tweak later if needed.

When I’m not sure if I laid something out right I usually just ask on Twitter or in the forum (The MyNAMS forum will be good for that kind of feedback) then people can look at it from a visitor/shopper perspective. That second/third/fourth set of eyes looking at something is helpful, especially when you’re very close to a project.

However, they will not all be physical products that could be purchased through Amazon. I will also have some information products that I will get through ClickBank. Is that going to confuse the issue in creating those pages?

I don’t think it will as long as you specify which are which, if you have an info product to support a physical product you might put it on the page as a reference material that comes in handy when you have XYZ.

Looking forward to hearing more conversation on creating and maintaining product pages on an affiliate site!
Loretta Oliver

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