I’m a Total Niche Project Slacker, and That’s Okay

Secondary point: Proof that the internet won’t collapse and implode if you happen to go do other things and aren’t on top of your niche project every moment.

So I was happy to reach a few milestones on both of the niche sites that I started this year. It had been three months and traffic was picking up, rankings seemed to be improving. A few sales even came in.

Then I got distracted... it’s summertime, the kids are home, my nephew came to visit for a few days, my mother-in-law was in the hospital briefly, we’re looking to buy a house this summer, my transcription business was a bit busy, and all those things started to just jumble together from day to day and I was utterly distracted.

Over the last two or three weeks I didn’t seek new links to either site. I didn’t add new content to either site. I hadn’t even sat down to email my virtual assistant to ask her to do any of those things, because I completely lost track of what step I was on and what I intended to do… so for awhile, nothing happened at all for those projects. Seriously, not a darn thing.

The good news? My rankings held and I’m exactly where I left off. I didn’t have a sudden drop in SERPs. I even had another sale.

The world will not if you get distracted. It happens. Just jump back into things and keep pushing forward 😉

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Loretta Oliver, married to the comic book geek of her dreams and mother of four amazing teenage boys, has been working from home full time since 2001. With a busy transcription service business, a few niche blogs, and a host of other internet marketing projects on the go, the computer is always fired up and the ideas are always flowing.


  1. Awesome job! glad you are still steadily building while life keeps happening. We can’t turn life off very easily lol

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