What Niches Interest You Most Right Now?

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subconsciousI’m working on writing up some PLR packages and I want to make sure I’m writing for topics that interest people the most. Leave a comment below and tell me what niches have you poking around the web right now and what you need content for …

Here’s a few of the niches I have on my to-do list so far:

  • web hosting
  • self defense
  • juicing
  • organic gardening

Leave a comment below and tell me what you want to see PLR packages for….

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  1. As I’ve been struggling a bit lately, I say depression and self-help. For example, maybe a packet on doing things to keep yourself out of the muckadoo. Or things to get yourself out of the muckadoo. So I’m not talking about massively horrible depression, but the kind where you can take some actions on a daily basis to keep your head above water, you know?

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