7 eCovers for $47 New Year’s Special

Have big project plans for 2015?
Reserve your ecovers now, cross them off your to-do list, and save.

Use them now or use them later. You can take advantage of the special pricing now and have your ecover graphics created later as you finish up your projects. This special offer ends January 7th, but your preorder credits are good through December 31, 2015. (ecover graphics regularly priced at $17 each)

=== sale ended, cart closed ===

eCovers aren’t just for short reports anymore

Sure, ecovers are great to represent short reports and lead magnet giveaways, but they can be used for so much more than that.

  • information products
  • video series
  • podcast episodes
  • event or teleseminar recordings
  • digital newsletter or ezines
  • membership programs
  • and more….
  • What will you receive when you order?

    For each ecover requested you will receive a flat image and at least three style variations via a privately shared Dropbox folder or via email, whichever you prefer. event recording exampleI find that using Dropbox makes things a little easier since many email programs don’t play nicely with large attachments.


    Q: I need a different style than what’s shown on the page. Do you have other versions?
    A: Yes. While the reports and ipad representations are the most popular, I can create many different styles of graphic; various reports, books, boxes, CDs and DVDs, ipads, MP3 players, membership cards, laptop screens, computer screens, and others….

    Q: I’m a service provider, can I give the finished product to my clients?
    A: Sure. While the credits are not transferable, you can certainly order on behalf of your client and charge them your usual rate.

    Q: Why 7?
    A: I was going to go with 6, one ecover for a product to be released every two months as a lot of folks plan that way, but 7 sounded luckier.

    Tiny details and Other Questions…

    Price does not include stock image purchases.
    If there is a specific stock image you would like to have used please include it with your order details.

    Refunds are not available for this service.
    Revisions are allowed within reason after receiving your images. (ie; if you want changes made six months from now it would be considered a new order)

    If you have questions that I haven’t addressed here, please contact me before placing your order.

    Samples of Previous Work Done:

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    5mistakesecover conversion2 binderstanding-2 spiralbinderclosed spiralbinderclosed fitfaves2transparent howtoevenweavescover findclients-spiralbinderclosed spiralbinderclosedlight

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