Google Plus Pages For Businesses And Brands

Since Google first launched their social networking site Google Plus, millions of people have joined the website. Some potential members weren’t welcome, however: businesses and brands. Thankfully this has all changed with the launch of Google Plus Pages. But how do they work and what makes them stand out from a regular Google Plus profile?

How To Create Your Google Plus Page

Creating a Google Plus page is simple. To start, visit the Google Plus business page at and select the type of page you want to create from the following categories:
* Local business or place,
* Product or brand,
* Company, institution or organization,
* Arts, entertainment or sports,
* Other.

Depending on the category you select, you’ll need to enter some more information such as your business phone number, website URL and the name of your page. Once you’ve done so you can upload a photo, edit your “about” page and start promoting your Google Plus Page.

The Difference Between Google Plus Pages And Personal Profiles

As you can see, the setup process is extremely simple, and Google Plus Pages come with the same clean layout as a personal Google Plus profile. You can use your page in the same way, too: post updates to your page, share links on your about page, upload photos and showcase your videos. Google Plus Pages also carry a visible +1 button to help their fans and customers show public support.

There are a few key differences, however. With a personal account, you can circle anyone you want, regardless of whether they circle you first. On Pages, however, you can only circle those who have already circled your account. As with personal profiles, only those who circle your Page will receive updates (even if you don’t circle them back).

Getting people to circle your new Google Plus Page:

1) Share your page with all your followers by posting the link on your Google Plus personal profile (if you have one).
2) Add a Google Plus page badge to your website (grab the badge code from the Google Plus Pages dashboard after you’ve created your page).
3) Share the link with your customers in emails, Tweet it, share it on Facebook or on forums.

Is It Worth Bothering With Google Plus Pages?

Google Plus Pages are still extremely new and are lacking a lot of features you may be used to on sites like Facebook. Only time will tell whether these Pages can have the same impact that Facebook Pages have, and whether your niche market will be interested in joining Google Plus at all.

The good news, however, is that Pages are extremely quick to create. Because of the simple features, you can create a pleasing Page in five minutes. It’s up to you to decide whether the ongoing upkeep is worth it.

Happy +1’ing and Circling!
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