New Niche Project Cropping Up Today

Well, I said I was feeling the twitch to start a new niche website. And it finally pinned me down and forced it’s way through today. I was in the shower and that sneaky little thing crept up behind me and smacked me over the head.

I did some quick preliminary searches and there are some good keywords that look like medium competition, quite a few Adwords advertisers already buying spots, and about 100 content ideas floating around in my head. I opened up Namecheap and found a domain name already… it’s sitting in my cart waiting for this last bit of hesitation to wash away from my mind before I click the checkout button.

Okay… here I go…..
Loretta Oliver

I don’t want to reveal the niche just yet, and I may not reveal it at all… I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking a new domain and a new niche could be perfect testing grounds and I wouldn’t want to skew the results by blabbing it all over the place.

Update: Yes, I bought the domain name.

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Transcriptionist, passionate cross stitcher, writer at heart, wife, mom, and finder of lost shoes...

Loretta Oliver, married to the comic book geek of her dreams and mother of four amazing young men, has been working from home full time since 2001. With a busy transcription service business, a few niche sites, and a handful of other internet marketing projects on the go, the computer is always fired up and the ideas are always flowing.


  1. Deb Gallardo says:

    I think it’s a universal law, Retta. It’s the only explanation I have for the phenomenon. Do they have waterproof voice recorders out there? Worth looking into if inspiration continues to strike under the soothing (or invigorating) spray in your shower.

    • I know there’s a waterproof radio and a case you can put your iPod in to mount on the shower wall… but I’m not sure about a voice recorder, that could be something interesting to look for.

  2. I’m working hard at not scratching the twitchy itch right now. I have enough on my plate and I know I can’t start the project I really have a mind to. Must keep going on my 2012 goals instead. But it’s not easy!

  3. I too suffer from Niche Itch but am doing my best (not) to give in, as like Val above I have way too much on my plate. Just the other day I had an idea and did actually go to Namecheap to look up the domain name idea I had but at the checkout – I changed my mind and canceled out. Lol.

    How terrible an addiction. There should be a AA for domain name hoarding. Ha ha.


    • I used to have something like 50 domain names! Even with my new purchase I only have a dozen now 🙂

  4. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    I guess it’s the New Year Niche Twitch and it seems a lot of us are afflicted! The last couple weeks I’ve been feeling the same longings. Reminding myself, “Lisa, you have niches, you have niches. Give them some love!” 😉

    • Yes, you have niches! You need to get to Elite brainstorming at Clicknewz and brainstorm some new ideas for those giving those niches some love.


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