Bravely Entering the World of Smartphones

So my phone has been not-so-smart for a long time. The phone I have is web capable, but I am cheap and I never added a data plan because I was afraid I would just be on the internet all.the.time if I had it in my pocket like that.

Until today we had a “family plan” with T-Mobile and I had four lines set up; mine, my husband’s, and my two oldest son’s. I wanted to add lines for the other two boys, but when I logged into my account to add them it would only let me add one. I thought maybe I just needed to upgrade to a bigger plan to get more lines so I opened a live chat customer service session to ask if they could help me set that up and add the two lines.

T-Mobile’s customer support is really fast – I didn’t have to wait in a queue to get a representative to talk with, but she did need to put me on hold for a few minutes while she looked for the information. No problem, I was glad to wait while she hunted down the info I needed. I got my wallet out and was ready to add services to my cart as soon as we figured out what I needed…

Unfortunately a “family” is limited to five lines. My first reaction to that was “this sucks,” because we’re a family of six. How dare they define family as five or less. Then I looked around … it seems to be the norm for cell phone plans, family = five lines or less. I don’t know if it’s because that covers the “average family size” or if it’s a technical issue, either way they weren’t alone.

So back to T-Mobile I went looking for options. The customer service rep offered to help me set up a second package or help me choose a pay-as-you-go style phone for one of the kids. I didn’t really want to do anything right in that moment without researching my options first, so I thanked her for the help and I decided to hunt around. At this point I knew I would be staying with T-Mobile so I went ahead and added the extra line that I still had room for while they are running their “no activation fee” special and went off to figure out what to do for the sixth and final line.

I started looking at the no contract options and saw several Android based phones I really liked and wouldn’t mind upgrading myself to. That’s when I saw it… the unlimited text and web plan for $30 per month. It would actually be less expensive to get that plan on a no contract phone than to add a data plan to my existing line. Well, that was an easy decision. I’ll be buying a fancy new smartphone here in a week or two and getting that package, then giving one of the boy’s my existing line. Then everyone has a phone… and my phone will finally be smart.

I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with my online business aside from the fact that I’ll now have my email in my pocket all day, but it’s kind of a big deal in our house today and I thought I’d share with you.

So, how smart is your phone?
Loretta Oliver

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  1. I love having my smarthphone and have finally started forcing myself to use it more productively in the last year. I think I’ve had it for 2 now. I do a lot more of my social media from the phone so it keeps me more productive online. At least when I stick to that goal that is 😉

    It’s been awesome for going on trips and attending the kids tournaments. I can keep up on emails.

    OH, I also read more blog posts through my phone than on my laptop. That was odd to me, but I think it’s a focus thing. I find myself clicking on blog posts more from my twitter feed and I’ve read a lot more great info this way than I used to. I tend to not click as often if I’m on the laptop because I’m multi-tasking.

    • The reading more blog posts part there is most interesting to me, that is something I’m always behind on. I find things and I mark them to read later, and then of course later never rolls around. Most of the time I pop into my feed reader, see 100+ posts, and just click on mark all as read and close the tab. It’s sad, sad, sad. I really want to be more involved and stay up to date on what people are doing and writing about.

  2. I have a dumb phone, too. I just don’t do that much with my phone and am a very light user. I also am looking into smart phones right now because I need high speed access at the lake house and am *not* going to install cable or DSL up there since we aren’t there very much at all. So I wondered if a smart phone would do the trick (just check email, surf, etc. on the phone). BUT… sometimes I’ll need my laptop so………… I’m going to call my rep and see what’s what. I noticed some no-contract phones that looked like a good deal, too. I’ll have to be sure to compare those to what else I find out. We’ll see…

    • My mom has the mobile hot spot with her phone plan to take camping with her over the summer (they go every weekend) and it seems handy for traveling. I’ve avoided the whole smartphone thing because I’m just always home, I’m a hermit LOL

  3. Welcome to the land of the “smart” people! Ha ha!You know I love my smart phone. I don’t know what I’d do without my BlackBerry! I love having access to everything right there on my phone. Like others mentioned, I also use it to read blog posts in between things. I like having the ability to check my e-mail and keep up with social media when I feel like it!

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