Self Proclaimed Internet Marketing Gurus Versus True Internet Marketing Jedi

When I started this blog, I will admit it was more for myself than for anyone else. I needed this place to organize my thoughts, record my progress, and I wanted a level of public accountability on my projects and what I was working on. I chose a blog format in the hopes that it would not only help me, but help others as well. I wanted to share my ideas and spread tidbits of knowledge around the web.

If you’ve read my About page here at Niche Twitch you probably noticed that I don’t like the word guru in relation to internet marketing. Simply put, it makes my skin crawl. If you’ve been looking for work at home opportunities or researching anything in this field for more than half a day you’ve likely come across several hundred self proclaimed gurus in the industry claiming to make thousands of dollars per day with the push of a button and blah, blah, blah. That’s a bunch of crap. I know it, you know it, they know it. Total crap.

The problem is they make their fake case studies and videos look shiny and seem promising to the fresh new visitor on their website. They prey on anyone who has a credit card in their wallet, waiting to take your money. And then if they happen to get a little taste of your money they come back for more and try to squeeze every last penny out of you. It’s disgusting.

There is no magic method to internet marketing. There is no secret solution. There is no getting rich quick. There is no sitting on the beach waiting for money to roll in.

Yes, there are profitable methods. Yes, there are helpful solutions and even tools that make things easier as you go down the path. Yes, you can make money, sometimes a lot of it.

However, you can’t do any of those things without first working for it.

There is so much hype and fluff and junk on the internet and these self proclaimed gurus are shoving their empty promises in your face everywhere you go. It’s often referred to as the “dark side of internet marketing,” and I’d say that comparison is about right. Self proclaimed gurus are trying to con you into joining their side full of false hope.

I suppose if that garbage is the “dark side” of internet marketing then the NAMS instructors are the Jedi of the internet marketing world. This is a group of people that teach internet marketing (and just plain business and marketing in general) with integrity. You won’t find a NAMS instructor selling $5,000 worth of junk you don’t need in the back of the room – in fact, they’re not allowed to do that. David Perdew would never allow them in the room if they were going to try to squeeze you for every cent, he’s very protective of the NAMS group and who he allows into the circle to teach people.

Want to shake hands and learn from an internet marketing Jedi? The next NAMS live event is coming up in August:

Maybe you’re not sure you want to commit to a live event – I get that because I was hesitant at first myself when I first joined the NAMS community back in 2009.
So here’s a little “sneak peek” behind the curtain at the MyNAMS community

The community aspect of NAMS offers support, accountability, and additional training before and after the live event. We have weekly webinars, a forum full of supportive and knowledgeable people, mastermind groups, and all sorts of other perks inside the MyNAMS community. Attending the live NAMS weekend event twice a year is the big burst of knowledge – sort of like getting your degree in internet marketing – and the community keeps you on your toes with up to date information and a place to share your ideas and get feedback.

I should get off my soapbox for the night and get back to work editing the report I’m working on. I hope you’re having a fantastic and profitable week. I hope to see you in Atlanta this August!
Loretta Oliver

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  1. Great post, Loretta! And I agree wholeheartedly. Anyone who tells you that Internet marketing is plug-and-play is not telling the whole truth. Yes… you can set up systems that work on autopilot or that require very little maintenance, but there is absolutely work involved with getting things in place first. And I also agree that David is an prince among men 🙂

    • Thanks! I sort of got off into one of my middle of the night rants there :-p but I had come across some chatter from people selling snake oil and it just got me all in a frenzy – I had to say something to someone so I blogged about it.

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