Gearing Up for RocketMoms Squidoo Lens Challenge

I do have over 200 Squidoo lenses already and this year I’ve been seeing some nice payments come each month, mostly from affiliate sales on Amazon widgets and the revenue share on some of my lenses that rank fairly well. The RocketMoms group has been a nice way to challenge myself when it comes to making new Squidoo lenses and to get me out of my niche rut every now and then.

The session is six weeks long and each week you are presented a challenge to create a lens, there will be a general theme such as “about me,” or “fall recipes,” and so on, with a different theme each week. To complete the session as graduate as a RocketMom you need to complete each of the challenges with a new Squidoo lens.

It’s amazing the great things you can make when prompted, my RocketMoms challenge lenses have turned out to be some of my best lenses. For example, last session my about me lens was: You Work at Home, Really? This lens gets good traffic, received wonderful comments, and earned the honor of a Squidoo Purple Star Award. Yay!

I’m running a little behind on this session, week two starts tonight and I’m just starting week one so I have to play a little bit of catch up. Even being a lens behind the rest of the group I’m looking forward to this session and creating some new lenses because I need some fresh seasonal ideas and the RocketMoms have a unique knack for getting that information out of my head.

I’ll update you on my progress as I work on the challenges. Do you Squidoo too? I’d love to meet some new Squidlets, leave me a comment with a link to your profile so I can check out your lenses.

See you there,
Loretta Oliver

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  1. Left a comment also on the your lens above, we have a few things in common such as how we both got started in this crazy little thing called affiliate marketing.

    I did CSR work online prior to stumbling onto blogging and net marketing. And I don’t care for a “4 hour workweek” either. Keep me busy, keep me occupied and I am a happy camper. Lol.


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