social2Hello. We may or may not have met in person yet, so I would like to first introduce myself to you. I’m Loretta Oliver, mom, affiliate marketer, writer, friend, cross stitcher, transcriptionist, blogger, wife, and finder of little boy’s lost shoes….

I want to start by saying that the conversation door is wide open here at Niche Twitch. I never want you to be afraid to leave me a comment or send me an email. In fact, I strongly encourage it.

Now that we have that out of the way lets get to the why you’re here and why on earth are you listening to me. Well, I’ve got something to say and I can get pretty loud, so if you’re within earshot you’re going to hear it anyway. Seriously though, I understand your hesitation and I would be more concerned if you didn’t pause for a moment when you arrived here. The truth is there’s a lot of crap and fluff on the internet when it comes to marketing, especially niche and affiliate marketing.

I’m not here to claim to be a big guru, I don’t even like the word guru, I personally don’t listen to anyone that labels themselves to be a guru. Blech. They are spilling out a lot of that crap and fluff that we just talked about. Often times people claiming to be gurus aren’t making enough money to pay their bills, and that’s the awful truth of internet marketing.

That’s who I’m not, so who am I then? I am a real person making a living working online. I make a decent full time income working from home doing things that I enjoy, certainly better than a boring office job or stressful retail job. My income comes from a combination of offering services, advertising on my niche websites, and affiliate marketing. Some months are better than others, in those I’ll earn more than my husband at his salaried day job for the month, other months the budget is a little tight as one might expect in a household with four teenage boys.

Here at Niche Twitch the plan is to share you with you this journey of creating passive income, affiliate websites, what works for me, what doesn’t work for me, who I’ve learned from, mistakes I’ve made, successes I’ve experienced, places I find with valuable information, and so much more. It is my intention to provide you with inspiration, niche ideas, and case studies that will help you along your journey as we travel down this road together.

Thank you for joining me and kind regards,
Loretta Oliver


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