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Loretta Oliver, married to the comic book geek of her dreams and mother of four amazing young men, has been working from home full time since 2001. With a busy transcription service business, a few niche sites, and a handful of other internet marketing projects on the go, the computer is always fired up and the ideas are always flowing.

That Holiday Gift Guide Might Be More Trouble Than You Thought

If you’re adding a holiday gift guide to your website or blog using Amazon affiliate links, it could just get you in some trouble.

Get a Social Boost - Social Media Management Facebook posted on 11/16/2017  Lately I have been having fun learning how to make gift guides more successful. I have been taking some great gift guide training's and was concerned with some of the teachings when it came to use of Amazon product pictures. I wondered if Amazon policies had changed since I last looked. So, I reached out to Amazon Associates yesterday to get the low down before I went any further. Some of the training on how to produce awesome gift guides are saying it's OK to download product photos from Amazon and use in collage images for blogs/Pinterest, etc. I was hoping things had changed and that we could do that but…. Nope, Amazon policies haven’t changed. You cannot download product photos from Amazon to use on your blog/Pinterest/social media, etc. It could potentially get you banned from your account. Are you willing to risk that? Here’s more info should you be interested: Amazon Associates confirmed yesterday, it is not permitted to download photos and use on blog/images for any reason. You can find the specific info in their policies under program participation requirements (section 8 Content on Site - see A & J plus in the Trademark Section #8). Hopefully this helps. Please feel free to share.

I see this happening every year. Bloggers putting loads of work into gift guides, only to have to go back and practically start over because they don’t want to break the Amazon affiliate terms of service.

You can’t turn that gift guide into a PDF for distribution all around the internet with all those Amazon affiliate links either. That’s another thing they don’t allow.

You can’t email your list with those links live either. Yet another thing not allowed.

Not to mention how incredibly time consuming a good holiday gift guide post can be!

Things You Need to Know About Posting Holiday Gift Guides with Amazon Affiliate Links

What CAN you do?

You can create the gift guide on your website or blog, using the embedded image features from Amazon and you can send traffic to it.

You can create a generic pinnable image with a title and some holiday cheer, just don’t use the images from Amazon.

You can email your list and send them to your website to view the gift guide without linking directly to any products inside the email.

30 Done-for-You Gratitude Quote Images to Use for Social Media

Take a peek at the images you get in this package:

thumbnail preview of gratitude social media images

30 Done-for-You Gratitude Quote Images to Use for Social MediaPackage includes personal use rights:

  • Word document list of quotes (numbered)
  • Text document list of quotes (numbered)
  • Images of each quote (numbered to correspond to the text versions)

That’s everything. No word-filled sales page for the sake of words. No extra fluff. No stack of up-sells when you buy the package. Just download the zip file and you’ll receive exactly what’s outlined above. [Read more…]

Family Recipe PLR Package

Since retiring my family’s cooking and food blog, I had all of this food related content sitting around doing nothing. I pulled our best and most popular stuff and bundled it all up together into a PLR package for you here.

Included in this PLR package:

Our recipes and photos for you to use as you’d like.

  • Easy Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins Recipe + Photos
  • Gluten Free Soda Cake [Root Beer & Gingerale] Recipe + Photos
  • Pumpkin Pie Gluten Free Recipe + Photos
  • Lime Sherbert Cupcakes Recipe + Photos
  • Slow Cooked Baked Beans from Scratch Pork-Free & Gluten-Free + Photos
  • Seasonal Brew Braised and Shredded Chicken Recipe + Photos
  • Grandma’s Stuffed Cabbages Adapted to Slow Cooker Recipe + Photos
    Yes, I’m really giving you PLR rights to my grandmother’s recipe.
  • Food PLR: 10 Family Recipes + Photos

  • Chicken Two Ways Experiment Post + Photos
  • Crockpot Chili with Kielbasa Recipe + Photos
  • Fried Corn Bread Recipes Post + Photos

You’ll receive two zip folders. The first folder has the recipe posts and their accompanying photographs. The second folder is the bonus photos.

each recipe in a folder with accompanying photos

each recipe in a folder with accompanying photos


A folder of food photos that I took, some of which we never used on the blog because I meant to edit them first and just hadn’t done that yet. While these are just photographs and don’t include recipes, they’re all yours and you can use them in your content however you wish.

preview of the bonus folder of extra photos

bonus folder of extra photos


What is PLR? The short answer is it’s content that you have private label rights to use, meaning you can claim authorship, edit it, and use it like you would most other articles.

Where can I use this content? On your blog, in your newsletter, in an ebook or short report (free or paid), pretty much anywhere. The only places you can’t use it are where it would break the rules of the platform, such as Amazon Kindle or other places where they are seeking 100% unique content.

Can I edit the content? Absolutely. Edit, add your own voice, add additional information, expand a thought.

How many other people can buy this content? This particular package of articles is limited to 300 copies. The cart will automatically close once those have been sold.

Who wrote these? My family and I originally wrote these recipes for our food blog, which has been retired and is no longer online. All photos included in the package were taken by me personally.

Fourth Quarter Niche Picks

get articles written at iWriter, fast turnaround time and copyscape approved Just because the year is rolling to an end doesn’t mean there isn’t time to start a new project.

  • ceramics and/or clay firing
  • puzzles (physical & digital)
  • modern resume writing
  • smart home security systems
  • custom vitamin subscriptions (like VitaminPacks.com)
  • beginner investing tips
  • urban homesteading and/or urban farming
  • chimney care & repair
  • paintball gear
  • posture correction aids
  • self defense for everyone
  • kegerators

You can also revisit the pick lists for Q1-2017, Q2-2017, and Q3-2017 to get even more ideas for your next niche project. [Read more…]

Shark Tank Season 9 Premiere

I love watching Shark Tank with my family. It’s one of the few things that everyone in the house will gather in the living room for. We have fun talking about the different products, seeing the niche opportunities, and hearing the amazing stories the entrepreneurs share about how they got to be standing on the carpet in front of the group and presenting their idea.

Shark Tank had two hours to kick off the season, so they aired two episodes and featured eight entrepreneurs with their ideas. [Read more…]

Learning, Growing, and Sometimes Laughing with Unsubscribe Requests

mail_removeWhen someone unsubscribes from your mailing list some services allow you to display a message asking why they left the list, and you can receive those messages.

It’s an optional thing with AWeber, but I like to get the notices and I’m always interested to hear why people left so I know what I can do to improve in the future. It’s a good way to get feedback and make sure you’re making good connections with your audience.

Honestly, most of the time the notes people write are things like “just cleaning up my inbox, so much email” or “less time for email than I used to have.” We can all relate to that, I’m sure. I know I try to do a clean up once every few months and unsubscribe from things I’m not using or reading, too, so I get it.

Sometimes an unsubscribe can be eye-opening and help you learn something about your list and audience… [Read more…]