Answer the Questions, Even When You Think People Already Know the Answers

There’s no such thing as a question that is too basic or an answer that is too simple.

Just because you know how to do a thing doesn’t mean everyone in your niche or audience knows how to do that thing. There are different levels of expertise and knowledge in everything, some people are just starting out and others have been doing a thing for years.

Not sure what questions you should be answering?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the questions when you’re so far into something that it has become second nature. For example, I would have never thought to answer the question of how to thread a needle without a needle threader for my cross stitching audience, because it’s just something I do without thinking about it. Or how to put an H2 tag on a subtitle on a blog post, I just type it in while I’m writing. [Read more…]

Lists and Bullet Point Content Can Work For You

List posts, you hear people saying you should create them and you wonder why, what’s the big deal, and what is it about lists posts that’s so darn great anyway.

I’m a fan of lists. I make a lot of lists … so many my kids make fun of me for making lists of everything. Lists of things we need, lists of things to do, lists of books, lists of craft supplies, pro/con lists, lots and lots of lists. I buy legal pads and index cards in bulk for my list making obsessions.

Posting a list of something to your blog almost seems like it’s too easy to matter in a way. Content is supposed to be hard, isn’t it? And lengthy, at least 5,000 words, and full of information and tutorials, and images and sticky grabby pushy things?

Here’s a fun fact. Content doesn’t have to be hard or lengthy to work and connect with your audience on a personal level. Content can be fun, light, enjoyable to create and to read. List and bullet point style posts are easy to research and write, so you can incorporate them throughout your content calendar pretty easily.

Use This Easy to Create Content That People Love...

Lists attract people, they’re quick to read and fun to share. Sites like BuzzFeed thrive on nothing but lists. Look at the “Popular Posts” section on a site like Copyblogger and you’ll see quite a few list style titles.

You can make lists work for you in any niche, too. [Read more…]

Creating Content That Connects

The more you develop personal, one-on-one connections online, the more successful your Internet marketing efforts will be. That means developing the kinds of things that your prospects enjoy consuming the most. The following 5 types of content are just what your readers are looking for and will help you to improve your relationships with members of your target market.

5 types of content to connect with your target market
[Read more…]

Need Some Pokémon Go Related Content?

Just because Pokémon Go is a free game to play doesn’t mean there aren’t things to buy, and therefore things for you as an affiliate to sell.

When the smart phone with Pokemon GO and the paired Pokemon GO Plus accessory are within range of each other, both will begin to vibrate when a Pokemon is close by. With the convenience of not having to look at your smart phone, simply press the button on the Pokemon GO Plus to attempt to catch a Pokemon while you are out and about. (available at Amazon)
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HubPages Launches Their Niche Sites…

Since acquiring Squidoo I feel like HubPages has been trying to recover and regain their footing to make a comeback. Today they launched their new line of niche sites with 25 separate networks where you can create content on niche topics….

I clicked around a bit and they all still feel like HubPages just on different domain names, nothing really special happening yet. They just feel meh, bland, not as exciting as I had hoped they would be. Some of the categories only have one or two pages in them so far, which is okay since it’s a work in progress, but some pages appear to be in the wrong categories already. [Read more…]

End of June’s Content Experiments; Results

June’s focus goal was creating more consistent content for two niche websites . (different sites, but in the same niche) I missed a few days of posting in the second half of the month because of other obligations, but came very close to a daily posting schedule.

June’s Experiment Site A:
At the beginning of June the site had 33 backlinks. I did no active link acquisition or anything to build links, I just published content and shared it.
At the end of June the site has 211 backlinks.

There were some extra social shares, but most of the post stayed within the average number of shares they would normally receive. I think I need to work on building the following a little bit more.

The site had 88 subscribers at the beginning of the month.
At the end of the month it has 120 subscribers.

June’s Experiment Site B:
At the beginning of June this site had 3,700 backlinks. I’m pretty active in communities with this site so I probably left a handful of blog comments around the web during the month – I’d say maybe a dozen or so. At the end of June there are 6,113 backlinks.

I did see a lot more social media sharing from this site with the regular content. There were three solid pillar content articles posted during the month and they were all shared quite a lot. There was also a new freebie added and it was shared thousands and thousands of times via Facebook and Pinterest, so maybe that’s why the backlink number is looking so much higher.

At the beginning of June the site had 2,316 newsletter subscribers. (added 130 in May)
At the end of June the site has 2,468 newsletter subscribers. (added 173 in June)

I also received some advertising offers and inquiries on both sites while publishing more frequent content, which could mean increased income in the future if I keep it up.

In conclusion….

My results were as I expected, the sites do much better with more frequent fresh content and a little bit of nurturing. Nothing surprising about that, I just wanted to put some numbers to the hypothesis and have a starting point for future tracking and content marketing efforts so I can see the growth over the next 6 to 12 months. I’m going to keep up publishing more frequent content on both of these sites, and maybe invite some guest contributors to add even more content.