Oops! Lost a Domain Name

So I’ve been a little distracted by life lately. June was busy with the end of the school year, graduation and all the things that go along with that, then I had a minor medical procedure, a bunch of medical tests with a few more scheduled for July, and my husband is scheduled to have […]

How Many Things Can I Break In One Week?

The answer is yet to be determined completely, but it sure seems like a lot. More specifically I seem to be killing off gadgets and accessories that I use when I’m working. Serious comparison shopping and a few spending splurges are going to be in order over the next few months so I can get […]

Recharging the Brain Batteries

Lately I’ve been really busy crossing things off the to-do list, but I was starting to get to that point of burn out. I’m sure you know that point well. The point where you’re tired, your cranky, you’ve been wearing the same thing for three days and your hair hasn’t seen a comb in days. […]

Affiliate Marketing “What I Do” Info Graphic

So lately these “what I actually do” info graphic memes are popping up all over the web. My youngest son, who just turned 11 over the weekend, in all his brilliance said, “You need one of those for your whatever you do on a website thing. People don’t get it, mom.” He’s a smart cookie […]

Combating Work-at-Home Isolation

a guest blog post by Chrissie Cole I’ve been a work-at-home mom and wife for more than a decade. Within the last year I’ve also become a single mom. In that time I’ve had many experiences with friends and family and most were unfavorable. Some were envious, while some just didn’t understand that I was […]

Reminding Myself That Busy is Good

I looked at the home page here and realized I haven’t posted much this month. Consistency just flew right out the window. I apologize for that, because I know how important it is to be consistent with your content and to be part of the conversation. At the same time I had to take a […]