Oops! Lost a Domain Name

So I’ve been a little distracted by life lately. June was busy with the end of the school year, graduation and all the things that go along with that, then I had a minor medical procedure, a bunch of medical tests with a few more scheduled for July, and my husband is scheduled to have surgery in a few weeks.

Life. Distracting and full of stressful things. I didn’t notice the renewal emails from Namecheap when I skimmed my inbox. They were there, but I was so focused on client work and trying not to fall behind on those things, I completely missed them when I scrolled through.

Namecheap has a 30 day grace period when a domain name expires –
I missed it by one day.
If I had logged in yesterday to look for something like I did today, I would have caught it and still owned the domain.

remember to renew your domain names so you don't lose yours like I did

On the bright side, it wasn’t an active blog or an income property, so I guess it’s one less thing to manage on my project list. Right? It was actually a domain name that I registered for my husband to blog on and he hadn’t been active on it for awhile, so it’s not a huge loss.

Still, I had the domain name for several years and I really liked it 🙁
(it was the CookingwithZen.com blog)

Why am I even writing about this? Just to remind you to check your domain name renewal dates so this doesn’t happen to you. If you’re like me and have your domains set to manual renewal, pop into your account and double check the expiration dates. Set up a reminder on your calendar (which I actually had, but I set the date wrong), add it to your project management system, email yourself, or do whatever will get your attention at renewal time.

How Many Things Can I Break In One Week?

The answer is yet to be determined completely, but it sure seems like a lot. More specifically I seem to be killing off gadgets and accessories that I use when I’m working. Serious comparison shopping and a few spending splurges are going to be in order over the next few months so I can get things back to normal around here. Of course I see that as an advantage to make some upgrades in certain areas as well *wink wink* [Read more…]

Recharging the Brain Batteries

Lately I’ve been really busy crossing things off the to-do list, but I was starting to get to that point of burn out. I’m sure you know that point well. The point where you’re tired, your cranky, you’ve been wearing the same thing for three days and your hair hasn’t seen a comb in days.

I was totally there, so I decided to take advantage of the three day holiday weekend to do a little mental recharging. I’ve still been working a bit in small chunks, but for the most part just relaxing and having fun with the family. We made some fun dessert dishes to take to the family get together, we did a little bit of shopping, and we rented a bunch of movies.

I’m already feeling a million times better and the weekend isn’t over yet. Tomorrow afternoon we’ve got more relaxing planned and we’re going to see Dark Shadows at the theater. [Read more…]

Affiliate Marketing “What I Do” Info Graphic

So lately these “what I actually do” info graphic memes are popping up all over the web. My youngest son, who just turned 11 over the weekend, in all his brilliance said, “You need one of those for your whatever you do on a website thing. People don’t get it, mom.” He’s a smart cookie that child of mine…


And Ethan says “Don’t forget to pin it! == Pin It

[Read more…]

Combating Work-at-Home Isolation

a guest blog post by Chrissie Cole

I’ve been a work-at-home mom and wife for more than a decade. Within the last year I’ve also become a single mom. In that time I’ve had many experiences with friends and family and most were unfavorable. Some were envious, while some just didn’t understand that I was busy working and it often lead to feeling isolated from my friends and family (or annoyed).

My mother-in-law was the worst offender of just not getting it. On many occasions she made comments about getting a “real job” and not playing house. I left the corporate world to be home with my last child. As much as I love being a mom, I was going crazy. I wasn’t used to not working or having my own money that I earned.

My husband quickly became annoyed that I was online so much because naturally, it took time to build up my income. If everyone could get online and instantly get rich, wouldn’t most everyone jump at the chance? [Read more…]

Reminding Myself That Busy is Good

I looked at the home page here and realized I haven’t posted much this month. Consistency just flew right out the window. I apologize for that, because I know how important it is to be consistent with your content and to be part of the conversation.

At the same time I had to take a moment to remind myself that busy is good and to be thankful for it. Busy means that I have a lot of work going on – so much in fact that I’ve had to recruit some extra help in a few areas this month.

Busy means that I have income, which is of course very good when bills come due or the kids need new shoes or have event fees to pay at school. Busy usually means that I’m doing something right somewhere, and that’s always a relief.
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