Amazon; More Than Just an Affiliate Program

When we think of Amazon we most often think of books, Prime, or the affiliate program. There are so many opportunities available with Amazon these days, it’s hard to remember them all.

  1. Marketplace – seller central
  2. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – sell stuff and let Amazon handle the fulfillment and customer service
  3. Handmade – where artists and makers sell their goods
  4. Developer – sell your apps on Amazon
  5. Merch – t-shirts and more
  6. Flex – Amazon’s force of well paid delivery drivers
  7. Associates – the affiliate program
  8. Kindle publishing
  9. CreateSpace Publishing (print on demand self publishing)
  10. Mechanical Turk – do small tasks and get paid
  11. S3 – affordable cloud storage for your digital info products
  12. Jobs – virtual customer service & remote positions
  13. Launchpad – promoting startups and cool stuff
  14. Payments – accept online and mobile payments on your ecommerce site securely

Do you see an additional income stream that might fit into your life? Maybe there’s a tool you could use in your online business.

Did I miss any in my list? There really are so many services and tools available from Amazon that it can be difficult to remember them all.

Can a Site That’s Not Selling Anything Still Be Well Monetized?

questionWay back when you could put an Adsense block on the sidebar of an information site and make a pretty nice chunk of change from it. That’s not so easy to do anymore, the Adsense platform has grown and evolved, other advertising mediums have come into play, and the internet is this always changing.

So can a strictly informational website that doesn’t really sell anything still be well monetized?

I hope so, because that’s what I have with one of my niche sites. Everything that is provided on the site is free, it even has FREE right in the name and URL.

I do have Adsense on the site and it’s getting a few clicks. I have a few ads throughout the site and occasionally link to related products on Amazon when I can. The site has made some money from those, but I would be over the moon thrilled if it made something consistently.

The first thing I need to do is get consistent with posting to the site and bringing in traffic. When I post it does well, the posts get shared on social media and the traffic comes. So the first thing I’m going to do is increase the post frequency to once a day.

I’ll do that through all of June, I might even throw in a few days where I post twice a day. At the end of June I’ll look at the site traffic and income again and see what kind of improvement it has had with the consistent post frequency and I’ll plan from there.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this. Do you work in a niche where things are expected to be free online, like a hobby or a craft? Have you managed to properly monetize some free content? What’s your favorite creative monetization technique? Leave a comment below, I look forward to hearing from you.

Double Check Your Testimonials Before You Post Them to Your Website

businesswoman_helpTestimonials can be a big deal if you’re launching a course, a program, a product, or even if you’re offering a service of some sort. I personally use testimonials for my information products and for my transcription service business.

Think of testimonials as awesome little tidbits that let the rest of the world know that you’ve been doing what you do for awhile and you’re not going to steal their money and run away. They don’t really think you’re going to do that, but seeing that other people have worked with you is a reassuring sort of thing and it helps get past those little specs of doubt floating around in the back of their mind.

In the past few years the use of testimonials has become a bit – let’s say crazy.
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10 Ways to Make Money That Are NOT Squidoo

So there has been much conversation this week about Squidoo, their changes, and the uneasiness people are feeling around it all. Several people have mentioned that Squidoo is 90% or more of their online income, it’s the only way they’re making money, they consider it their job, and it pays their bills.

This frightens me a little bit. I don’t want to see any of these people struggling to make their bill payments three months from now if Squidoo cannot recover its search engine rankings or if their lenses are locked.
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Should You Cancel That Monthly Membership?

I think we all have these little monthly memberships that we collect up and frequently forget about or sometimes we grow out of them, but we don’t cancel them right away. Why do we do that?

Maybe you got a low price and if you unsubscribe you’ll lose that deal and have to pay a higher price if you rejoin at a later date.
Maybe you feel like it will get better or you’ll need it again and then it won’t be there.
Maybe you feel a bit of loyalty to the person that runs the membership program and you don’t want to let them down hitting cancel on your membership.

I spent quite a bit of time paring down my expenses this year and I realized during my evaluations that there were three memberships that I just wasn’t using at all. They were between $9 and $17 per month each, so collectively I saved $40 per month by cancelling all three of those memberships.
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SkimLinks Is a No-Brainer Affiliate Marketing Solution

One of the more frustrating parts of doing affiliate marketing is signing up for the various affiliate programs and affiliate networks, waiting for approval, etc… Programs come and go, terms change, networks close. It can honestly be a pain in the butt to manage all that information. And if they change their link structure – ugh, we won’t even have that conversation today.

Enter into the affiliate marketing world, Skimlinks.

I know I’m a little late getting on the bandwagon here. I had heard about Skimlinks in multiple places and avoided it because I was trying to be focused and didn’t want to go off to learn new things at the moment. What I didn’t realize was that it really is a no-brainer affiliate marketing solution. Seriously – it’s an easy button! Let me explain what I mean… [Read more…]