Second Quarter Niche Picks

I had some good feedback on my first quarter niche picks, so I thought we’d continue and do this again with a dozen niche site ideas to get your thoughts brewing for your next project (or maybe even your first project)…

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First Quarter 2017 Niche Picks

I am admittedly a bit behind on my niche site goals for 2017 already, but that is mostly because I took the first week-ish of January to evaluate some personal decisions and spend quality time focused on recharging my own internal batteries. I’ve been working at planning some niche PLR content to share with you as well some new niche sites to build. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are 12 broad niches that I’ve considered for projects this first quarter of the year….

  • emergency preparedness (aka preppers)
  • coffee makers and other coffee products
  • vintage kitchenware (and other vintage kitchen/dining decor)
  • backyard landscaping (DIY projects)
  • home wi-fi routers
  • specialty diet cookbook reviews
  • skateboard maintenance and DIY builds
  • home bars (equipment, glasses, decor, drink recipes)
  • resume writing and templates
  • hemp and cannabis news or products (growing industry = growing traffic)
  • pet technology (or rather tech for your pets; ball throwers, fitness trackers, water filters, cameras, and more)
  • turntables and vintage vinyl

Now that you have your niche thinking hat on, go out there and create something awesome 😉

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Are Beards a Big Niche?

Back in January I made a list in my niche notebook of niche topics that I wanted to keep an eye, things that seemed trendy or new and possibly trendy. Beard accessories and tools was one of the things on that list – and it seems to be growing. When I say beard accessories I mean things like beard oils, balms, conditioners, combs and trimmers, etc…

So are beards a big niche and does it have long term potential?

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Interesting New Niche: Wearable Fitness Tech for Your Dog

So early this morning I was browsing around looking at some cool new technology stuff on Amazon when I came across not one but two different wearable tech devices for dogs. At first I sort of wondered why my dogs would need such a thing. Then I looked down to see my two aging dogs laying around doing nothing and wondered to myself, “Are they still getting enough exercise in a day? I’m not even sure. They definitely don’t do as much as they used to.”

The more I thought about it the more it seemed like a useful device. Making sure your four legged friends get enough exercise is a critical part of their care and it can be hard to keep track, so why not use a wearable device to make sure they are getting the best possible care you can give them. That and they look kind of fun.

So here are two examples that are available through Amazon, these are brand new products to the marketplace through Amazon’s new Launchpad section. [Read more…]

Interesting Niche of the Week: Location Independent Lifestyles

It’s the dream of working online, living wherever you want or no where at all, taking your business with you in your pocket and being able to work from anywhere in the world while you travel and experience amazing things.

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Interesting Niche of the Week: Growing Blueberries

It’s planting season in many parts of the United States, so gardening topics are on the minds of many people. The home and garden niche as a whole is a very friendly place to be overall, you’ll find entire communities devoting to helping and sharing tips and ideas. It can also be a very profitable place to be if you find your little corner of the web and you can talk about a topic with knowledge and you’re willing to take the time to be a part of the community.

Today’s niche pick is a very niched down gardening topic, specifically how to successfully grow your own blueberries. (Because have you seen how much a little basket of blueberries costs at the grocery store? My wallet cries a little every time my son asks for a basket of them.)

Growing Blueberries Keywords via Keyword Canine
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