Second Quarter Niche Picks

12 niche ideas for q2-2017

I had some good feedback on my first quarter niche picks, so I thought we'd continue and do this again with a dozen niche site ideas to get your thoughts brewing for your next project (or maybe even your first project)... … [Continue reading]

Lists and Bullet Point Content Can Work For You

easy to create content that people love

List posts, you hear people saying you should create them and you wonder why, what's the big deal, and what is it about lists posts that's so darn great anyway. I'm a fan of lists. I make a lot of lists ... so many my kids make fun of me for … [Continue reading]

Stop Giving Shareaholic All the Credit, Change Your Settings for Retweets

change the share setting to your Twitter username

While I admit that I don't spend that much time on Twitter these days, I do frequently retweet other folks articles as I'm reading them, or when I come across something useful or interesting. Almost 50% of the time I see something like this when … [Continue reading]

Creating Content That Connects

5 types of content to connect with your target market

The more you develop personal, one-on-one connections online, the more successful your Internet marketing efforts will be. That means developing the kinds of things that your prospects enjoy consuming the most. The following 5 types of content are … [Continue reading]

First Quarter 2017 Niche Picks

I am admittedly a bit behind on my niche site goals for 2017 already, but that is mostly because I took the first week-ish of January to evaluate some personal decisions and spend quality time focused on recharging my own internal batteries. I've … [Continue reading]

Are Beards a Big Niche?

niche notebook beard care and tools

Back in January I made a list in my niche notebook of niche topics that I wanted to keep an eye, things that seemed trendy or new and possibly trendy. Beard accessories and tools was one of the things on that list - and it seems to be growing. When I … [Continue reading]