Broke the 50 Referring Domain Mark for Backlinks (Yes, this is a Forever Affiliate update)

When you start building links to your sites in the Forever Affiliate program one of the milestone points is reaching 50 referring domains to your site as viewed by the search engines. It seemed like it was taking forever to get there, but I finally broke 50 referring domains on Site A.

This backlink report was generated using the free service at

So at this point if you chose a niche that is super focused, the course mentions that you might find yourself on page one of Google for some of your longtail keyword phrases already. I’m on page two for a handful of terms with this particular site. I’m going to sprinkle in a few stronger links and see what happens over the next two weeks.
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Interesting Niche of the Week: Location Independent Lifestyles

It’s the dream of working online, living wherever you want or no where at all, taking your business with you in your pocket and being able to work from anywhere in the world while you travel and experience amazing things.

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Is Your Online Business Safe From the FTC?

We often joke that FTC is going to be shutting down affiliate websites everywhere, kicking in doors and taking huge fines from your bank account in the middle of the night. It’s a joke and it’s funny, except when the FTC is actually shutting down your business and closing down your website by using your own privacy policy against you.

Meet Chip Cooper, Esq… he represents Internet, software, and SaaS clients in the areas of website legal compliance, Internet marketing, intellectual property, and licensing and distribution transactions. In his presentation for the NAMS community this week he went over his “score card” to help you determine if you should be concerned about your legal liabilities. Looking at those score cards has been seriously eye-opening stuff for everyone.

nams-7-legal-gotchas presentation preview

==> Click here to check out the presentation, grab the score card and learn how the FTC can shut down your business if you’re not careful.

Squidoo Lenses for April

Blue-Snowball-Microphone-Review-Squidoo-LensWell, the end of March at Squidoo was a little stressful for some folks. I read several accounts online, here in my comments section, and in my inbox from folks who had lenses locked, accounts locked, lenses deleted, so on and so forth.

When I looked at my search traffic I realized that Google is not really loving Squidoo while it’s working on things, which is perfectly normal when a site is in a transition period like this.

After I fixed what needed fixing, I decided the best thing to do was just wait while all the changes were going on at Squidoo and let the site settle back down to normal. [Read more...]

Boring Update for My Forever Affiliate Progress

This weekend’s update isn’t very exciting at all. In the link build and be patient stage not a lot of stuff going on and I only did two sites to start with instead of the five that many people began with.

Site A Update: (this is the one that’s in a gardening niche area)
I didn’t add any content this week, just letting the links settle in. Had my virtual assistant work on the link building because I was pinched for time all week. [Read more...]