Reviewing Niche Success Blueprint from Lynn Terry – and an extra bonus available


I've been part of Lynn's Clicknewz paid private mastermind community for several years now, it was a truly great investment and it led me to meet some amazing people, and yes I learned a lot of helpful things along the way. I've also had the chance … [Continue reading]

To Pick A New Niche Or Not

I’ve blogged in the past about owning several different sites, in different niches. In fact, I’ve been blogging for over a decade and I’m still not where I want to be. Some of my sites have done better than others and I’m at a point where I am … [Continue reading]

Will the New Year Bring New Niches?

It's the 6th day of January and this is my first blog post of the year. Normally I would have had my planning done for the new year already, but this year was quirky and different and so far all I have is a list of the 14 domains I own and whether or … [Continue reading]

Affiliate Program Being Cancelled and Deactivated – Grumble, Sigh, Grrr


I received an email today telling me that the affiliate program for a shop I promote on one of my sites will be cancelled and closed, after October 31st affiliate commissions will no longer be paid out for referrals. This is a huge headache and … [Continue reading]

Adding New Niches To Old Niche Sites


I’ve always been one of those people that agree with the logic that you should do something you already know relatively well and enjoy OR pick a topic that you’ve always wanted to learn more about or expand upon. I learned the hard way that it makes … [Continue reading]

Finding Something You Can Write About Forever, and Ever, and Ever…

When people are talking about choosing a niche you're passionate about they always say things like you should pick something you could talk about all day, or pick the thing that you sit and talk about with friends all the time, or something people … [Continue reading]