Broke the 50 Referring Domain Mark for Backlinks (Yes, this is a Forever Affiliate update)


When you start building links to your sites in the Forever Affiliate program one of the milestone points is reaching 50 referring domains to your site as viewed by the search engines. It seemed like it was taking forever to get there, but I finally … [Continue reading]

Interesting Niche of the Week: Location Independent Lifestyles


It's the dream of working online, living wherever you want or no where at all, taking your business with you in your pocket and being able to work from anywhere in the world while you travel and experience amazing things. … [Continue reading]

Is Your Online Business Safe From the FTC?

nams-7-legal-gotchas presentation preview

We often joke that FTC is going to be shutting down affiliate websites everywhere, kicking in doors and taking huge fines from your bank account in the middle of the night. It's a joke and it's funny, except when the FTC is actually shutting down … [Continue reading]

Squidoo Lenses for April


Well, the end of March at Squidoo was a little stressful for some folks. I read several accounts online, here in my comments section, and in my inbox from folks who had lenses locked, accounts locked, lenses deleted, so on and so forth. When I … [Continue reading]

Boring Update for My Forever Affiliate Progress

This weekend's update isn't very exciting at all. In the link build and be patient stage not a lot of stuff going on and I only did two sites to start with instead of the five that many people began with. Site A Update: (this is the one that's in … [Continue reading]

Exact Match Domain Name for a Cool Product or Brand; Just Don’t Do It

So a few folks are tempted to pick up exact match domain names for certain products they want to promote using Forever Affiliate. Andrew warns in the training about that being a huge risk because if the words you use are trademarked you can lose that … [Continue reading]