Exact Match Domain Name for a Cool Product or Brand; Just Don’t Do It

So a few folks are tempted to pick up exact match domain names for certain products they want to promote using Forever Affiliate. Andrew warns in the training about that being a huge risk because if the words you use are trademarked you can lose that domain name and all of your work in the amount of time it takes to say cease and desist.

Having been served one of those “you can’t have that in your domain name” notices and almost losing my affiliate status with a big network once upon a time, I recommend never messing with brand names or exact product names in the top level URL. I used the name of a branded product in a URL once, huge mistake. As soon as the site started doing well and getting traffic a notice showed up in my inbox.

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Interesting Niche of the Week: Growing Blueberries

It’s planting season in many parts of the United States, so gardening topics are on the minds of many people. The home and garden niche as a whole is a very friendly place to be overall, you’ll find entire communities devoting to helping and sharing tips and ideas. It can also be a very profitable place to be if you find your little corner of the web and you can talk about a topic with knowledge and you’re willing to take the time to be a part of the community.

Today’s niche pick is a very niched down gardening topic, specifically how to successfully grow your own blueberries. (Because have you seen how much a little basket of blueberries costs at the grocery store? My wallet cries a little every time my son asks for a basket of them.)

Growing Blueberries Keywords via Keyword Canine
(keyword analysis done with Keyword Canine)
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Old School Learning and Brainstorming…

In case you were wondering, yes, this is really how I do things. Paper and pen always at hand

My Forever Affiliate notebook, legal pad, and pen...

Some people say I’m into old school learning, others might say I have a learning disability because I need to see it, hear it, and write it in order to learn a thing, whatever you want it to call it is fine.

This is what works for me when I’m learning something new. What works for you?

Interesting Niche of the Week: Vampire Kisses

I’ve been slacking on sharing new niche ideas here so I thought I should get back to doing that… I like to skim through the niche discovery section of Keyword Canine every now and then and just see what pops out at me. Today that just happened to be the phrase vampire kisses.


After a few minutes I realized that this was a book series that seems to be targeted towards teenagers… so of course it’s available on Amazon
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Linkbuilding Forever Affiliate Style

Another weekend and another Forever Affiliate update from me. I’m still working on Phase 2 of the program with my first two sites. Like I said in my last post, this part requires a lot of patience while the sites get their first links and first trickles of traffic coming in. Basically you’re gradually getting on the search engine radar and becoming a part of the community… which makes perfect sense. But being patient is hard.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past year or two is that some niches are easier to get backlinks for than others, and working in two very different niches with Site A and Site B that has become even more evident.

  • Site A is in the “gardening” niche and I’m whizzing through getting backlinks.
  • Site B is in the “technology” niche and getting backlinks is giving me a major headache.

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