June Goal: Fresh Content for 30 Days

I've been so inconsistent with my content over the last year - thanks to being sick for an extended period of time. My niche projects suffered and lost momentum a bit. I need to get back to consistent sharing and find my content creation groove … [Continue reading]

Can a Site That’s Not Selling Anything Still Be Well Monetized?


Way back when you could put an Adsense block on the sidebar of an information site and make a pretty nice chunk of change from it. That's not so easy to do anymore, the Adsense platform has grown and evolved, other advertising mediums have come into … [Continue reading]

The Truth About Finding YOUR Niche

I can recommend a niche or tell you about the obscure cool product I found on Amazon that pays out a $100+ commission per sale. That's all well and good. But what you really need is a niche that you can own, that you can love, that you can feel … [Continue reading]

7 eCovers for $47 New Year’s Special

Have big project plans for 2015? Reserve your ecovers now, cross them off your to-do list, and save. Use them now or use them later. You can take advantage of the special pricing now and have your ecover graphics created later as you finish up … [Continue reading]

Did You Know Referring Free Kindle Books Can Be Dangerous?

Warning: Danger

And I don't just mean dangerous in the way that your Kindle is full of so many books you don't know what to read first. I mean dangerous in that you could forfeit all your Amazon affiliate commissions for that month. Yes, you read that correctly. … [Continue reading]

Ready to Write About All Things Halloween?

The big Halloween project I mentioned the other day is on its way to being a reality. The domain name has been registered and the social media accounts have been set up. The domain we went with is VeryHalloween.com. There's not much there yet, … [Continue reading]