Learning, Growing, and Sometimes Laughing with Unsubscribe Requests

mail_removeWhen someone unsubscribes from your mailing list some services allow you to display a message asking why they left the list, and you can receive those messages.

It’s an optional thing with AWeber, but I like to get the notices and I’m always interested to hear why people left so I know what I can do to improve in the future. It’s a good way to get feedback and make sure you’re making good connections with your audience.

Honestly, most of the time the notes people write are things like “just cleaning up my inbox, so much email” or “less time for email than I used to have.” We can all relate to that, I’m sure. I know I try to do a clean up once every few months and unsubscribe from things I’m not using or reading, too, so I get it.

Sometimes an unsubscribe can be eye-opening and help you learn something about your list and audience… [Read more…]

This Lead Has Unsubscribed

There are lots of ways to learn from our mailing list, no matter what service you use.

One of my favorite features with Aweber (and many other service providers) is the option to receive the “reason why” notices when a lead unsubscribes. It’s a good indicator of what you’re doing right and what you need to improve upon. I actually enjoy opening these emails, because I know my message series isn’t perfect and these notes let me know what to tweak.

Recently I received an unsubscribe and the reason given was they didn’t like a book that I reviewed. This one really caught my attention for a few reasons. [Read more…]

When Good Email Lists Turn Bad

Late Friday night you might have caught me complaining on Twitter about receiving the same email four times in two days from the same mailing list sender.

At first I thought it was probably just a glitch in their mailing list management system, after all technology is quirky that way sometimes. After the fourth message I inquired about it – and found out it was not a glitch.

Well, pfft. I hit the unsubscribe button. [Read more…]