80 Done-For-You Business & Success Quote Images to Use for Social Media

Take a peek at what you get:

It’s a dime sale!

80 Done-For-You Business & Success Quote Images to Use for Social Media
The price starts out at just $1.00 and increases with each package purchased until it reaches $11.

Package includes personal use rights:

  • Word document list of quotes (numbered)
  • Text document list of quotes (numbered)
  • Images of each quote (numbered to correspond to the text versions)

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7 eCovers for $47 New Year’s Special

Have big project plans for 2015?
Reserve your ecovers now, cross them off your to-do list, and save.

Use them now or use them later. You can take advantage of the special pricing now and have your ecover graphics created later as you finish up your projects. This special offer ends January 7th, but your preorder credits are good through December 31, 2015. (ecover graphics regularly priced at $17 each)

=== sale ended, cart closed ===

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Using the Photo Dropper Plugin to Add Images to Blog Posts Fast and Easy

Photo Dropper is a WordPress plugin that searches Creative Commons and licensable images for you, then drops it directly into your WordPress post without ever leaving your dashboard, making it super easy to use. Instead of having to go to an outside site to get an image (likely getting distracted by browsing for the images – sometimes for an hour or more) you can just do it all within your WordPress interface. Less work, no distractions, more blogging.

Click-Photo-Dropper==> Get the plugin by searching from your Add Plugins page or go to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/photo-dropper

Once you have Photo Dropper installed, just go to your post or page screens to use it. Click the Photo Dropper button to start.
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Free Holiday Order Button Graphic

Not much to blog about today. I was working on a completely different project and I had to show my son how to do something in our graphics editor, and somehow we wound up with a holiday themed order button. I certainly don’t like to let graphics go to waste, so here you go – one holiday order button to use as you wish.

Just right click and save as…

GIF with transparent background:

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