Adding New Niches To Old Niche Sites

I’ve always been one of those people that agree with the logic that you should do something you already know relatively well and enjoy OR pick a topic that you’ve always wanted to learn more about or expand upon. I learned the hard way that it makes writing and content creation that much easier, not […]

New Blogs, New Niches

a guest post by Ashley I’ve been in the affiliate marketing, blogging industry for several years now. However, last year was a little different because I made the decision to not actively work on my websites and to work on paid projects. As a whole it worked out pretty well. But, now I’m ready to […]

A New Year, New Goals

guest post by Belinda Lima I’ve been working online for over twelve years and in that time I’ve worn many hats – from selling and marketing my own private label products to graphic and web design to affiliate marketing to ghost writing. Somehow, I’ve managed to make it all work, but I can honestly say […]

Inspiration: Outrageous Marketing Videos

a guest blog post by Chrissie Cole We live in a day and age where marketing has to be extreme to get the attention of consumers and fans! With sites such as VideoBash and YouTube, finding funny videos that range from marketing to pranks to cooking mishaps to funny pets and more is easy, not […]

Three Tips For Creating A Niche Website

a guest blog post by Chrissie Cole Deciding to create a niche website can be fun! And, if done right, it can also be profitable which is likely to be your intent. In the simplest of terms, pick a topic you like and be prepared to experiment and tweak along the way. It’s a process […]

Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Simple Tactics

a guest post by Claudia Somerfield Creating a blog is quite easy; but, making it successful entails certain skills. Spending a few minutes in learning the plausible ways of writing for a blog could drive you sufficient traffic to your pages. Search engines are the gateways to your blog, especially for global readers. However, most […]