Are Beards a Big Niche?

Back in January I made a list in my niche notebook of niche topics that I wanted to keep an eye, things that seemed trendy or new and possibly trendy. Beard accessories and tools was one of the things on that list – and it seems to be growing. When I say beard accessories I […]

Keyword Canine Review

I no longer use or recommend Keyword Canine as a keyword research and discovery tool. It was good for a year or two and then support and interest by the developers dwindled away. … Last year I shrunk my budget for tools and products because I was spending too much and not using all the […]

5 Tips to Find a Profitable Niche

There are those who say all the profitable niches have been taken. Of course this just isn’t true. The internet and its users are ever changing. It’s an evolving and growing industry. That means there will always be opportunities. The challenge is to find those opportunities and to recognize them. Here are the top tips […]