Super Simple Coffee Affiliate Site Example

Sometimes simple is good. Oftentimes simple things are the most enjoyable things, the things we love. Affiliate sites don’t always have to be super complex deep sites. Sometimes you just like stuff and you simply share with other people that like it.

Coffee is simple. I like coffee. You might like coffee. It’s a niche that I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog and one that I’ve often considered creating a site for. Still considering it, might make a nice summer project.

I came across this interesting one page affiliate site (for sale on Flippa) and I really just loved the simplicity of it and the fact that the tagline is right up front about being expensive stuff that you don’t really need. [Read more…]

Coffee Collectibles Niche Site Come to Life

So in the last Niche Notebook I talked about the phenomena of Starbucks collectibles and the high price tags they seem to have on eBay in particular. (A full set of Starbucks city mugs sells for around $10,000.) And then also how the site could be expanded with “make it at home” type recipes and fun little tidbits.

Well, the site was brought to life by a reader almost immediately….
Coffee Collectibles Site Screenshot

She did a great job getting the site up and already added some content, [Read more…]