10 Ways to Make Money That Are NOT Squidoo

So there has been much conversation this week about Squidoo, their changes, and the uneasiness people are feeling around it all. Several people have mentioned that Squidoo is 90% or more of their online income, it’s the only way they’re making money, they consider it their job, and it pays their bills.

This frightens me a little bit. I don’t want to see any of these people struggling to make their bill payments three months from now if Squidoo cannot recover its search engine rankings or if their lenses are locked.

Someone said to me they didn’t know how to make money online other than with Squidoo, they asked me for suggestions or ideas – essentially to brainstorm. So here we are – right off the top of my head today – 10 ways you can make money online that are not Squidoo…. in no particular order whatsoever…


  1. build your own niche website – use affiliate links there
  2. build your own niche website – sell advertising there
  3. do virtual assistant work
  4. offer gigs on Fiverr
  5. write and publish on Kindle
  6. offer graphic design services
  7. bid on freelance job boards like Odesk or Freelancer
  8. sell a craft on Etsy
  9. use a site like iWriter and get paid to write articles for others
  10. get a paid blogging gig – check out the ProBlogger job board or apply to be a Guide at About.com

That’s just off the top of my head in less than a minute. I could do this all day long. There are literally millions (probably hundreds of millions) of ways that you can make money with just yourself and your computer. Squidoo is not the end of the work at home income road. Go forth, explore, test, find something that works for you and that you enjoy.

If you’re on Squidoo because you want the income each month, remember that the skills and perspective you have from your writing and work on Squidoo can shape the skills that you build to go out and do other things that could potentially mean even more profits for you in the end.

This is not an anti-Squidoo stance. Just a be prepared for anything and everything stance.

I encourage you and even challenge you to try something new this week – or even just go out and look around at some other income opportunities other than Squidoo. There’s a big wide world of internet out there, please don’t limit yourself to a web property that, at the end of the day, will always belong to someone else.

If you need help or want to brainstorm just drop me a note – my inbox is always open.

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Money That Are NOT Squidoo”

  1. I really like Squidoo and while the filters are annoying I do see why they’re necessary. On the other hand I couldn’t imagine trusting all of my income with someone else’s site like that! There are so many ways to make money online. Squidoo is maybe 20% of my income. I write there as a side project because sometimes I want to write about things outside of my main niches.

    Great job encouraging people to branch out. It’s just not safe to have that much of your income coming from a site you don’t even own!
    Amanda Thomas recently posted..What Does Your Audience Need? Find It and Give It to Them!My Profile

    1. Sooooo many ways to make money online these days, and new things cropping up all the time. I have been really surprised at how many people just do Squidoo and are in a frenzy right now because that is their only income at the moment. Those folks are scared and frustrated and angry. But Squidoo was never designed to be all of anyone’s income. It’s not even all of the founder’s income.

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