A New Year, New Goals

guest post by Belinda Lima

I’ve been working online for over twelve years and in that time I’ve worn many hats – from selling and marketing my own private label products to graphic and web design to affiliate marketing to ghost writing. Somehow, I’ve managed to make it all work, but I can honestly say that I could be making it all work better.

This year, due to personal problems and changes I chose to work for a couple clients and to not actively work on my sites. For the most part, it was a good decision. What I wanted and needed was to a consistent cash flow each month and I’ve been able to do just that. With affiliate marketing, that isn’t always the case. I plan to finish the rest of this year with the same mentality because it’s served me well. But come January I will start integrating my niche sites back on my daily to-do-list with the help of Evernote and Dropbox. It will be a challenge of sorts but worth it in the end. As an aside, I don’t know how I functioned before using both of these apps on my laptop and my mobile device but that’s another post for another day.

I’d be lying if I said I’m not slightly intimidated because my schedule is already full but it’s time. To start I pulled out my list of goals for 2012. I’m happy to report that I did meet a lot of them but I also fell short of a few so I’m reworking some and abandoning others.

New Website Goals

Part of my plan, which is going to be hard for my crazy brain, is to work on one niche site at a time. When it’s ready, then and only then I can move on. This may sound simplistic, but for my brain it’s anything but. I have a tendency to jump into many things at one time. It’s one of the reasons I love my work but at the same time I don’t finish nearly as many things as I start.

Each site will be revamped in design and quality content. Each site will also have a social media profile including, Twitter, Facebook and even a Squidoo Lens. As it stands now, only some sites have Twitter accounts and none of my sites have Facebook pages.

I’m going to start with a master goal list and then break it down into working parts – each month, each day until eventually it’s everyday functions.

New Plans, New Equipment

The right tools make things run smoother. But I really didn’t get any this year. As I said, it’s been a tough year so if I absolutely didn’t need it, I didn’t get it. This is another reason for revamping my affiliate sites – which have made money – but not near the potential they could be. If I keep up with contract work, the bills and necessities are paid and my affiliate marketing money can go to the ‘extras,’ which I hope includes a writer to help with the workload!

The first ‘gadget’ is a new laptop! I’ve had my same old Dell laptop, which will be traded in for one of the shiny new Lenovo laptops on the market. This is kind of ridiculous I admit, but I haven’t had a working printer all year. Despite a family friend giving me a brand new wireless printer, I was never able to get it working properly so I keep going to the library when I need to print. I still can’t make the leap to an iPad when I have a Netbook that is brand new that doesn’t see as much action as it should.

I finally upgraded to an iPhone but I still haven’t broken up with my BlackBerry but they both serve specific purposes to me so a new phone isn’t on my gadgets and gizmos list this year.

Belinda Lima is a freelance writer for andgeeks.com and bbgeeks.com. She graduated from the University of Texas with her Graduate degree in Creative Writing and now uses her word smith talents and her love of technology to write about a variety of social media, consumer electronics, and mobile accessories topics in her articles.

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