New Blogs, New Niches

a guest post by Ashley

I’ve been in the affiliate marketing, blogging industry for several years now. However, last year was a little different because I made the decision to not actively work on my websites and to work on paid projects. As a whole it worked out pretty well. But, now I’m ready to get back to my own sites.

That being said, I think my views have changed some in the last year. I’ve always been told to write about what I’m passionate about. While, I have always seen the reasoning in that, I didn’t always follow that rule. There were times I just picked a topic that I had mild interest in and ran with it; only I didn’t get very far. This time I’m picking topics that I am passionate about. Yes, yes, I should have listened sooner but life is about experiencing and learning.

Old Sites, New Views

I’ve been going through my old sites and seeing what I like about them, what I don’t like and what I need to change. Collectively they all need a makeover and some much needed TLC. I already know a couple of them might be better off in the hands of someone other than me so the question then becomes – selling it or hiring someone to do the writing that I don’t have time to do.

New Sites, New Ideas

I wasn’t intending on starting any new sites but I have two, maybe three new ones in the work. The thing is, for these new sites, I really did think niche but more so two things that are specific to me and what I’ve been going through, not just picking a trending niche.

One site will be about the frustrating process of moving. It’s going to cover everything about moving – from packing up, to steam cleaner rental to organizing the actual move and everything in between. There just has to be an easier way of doing things. Not to mention, I’ve been fighting a foreclosure to push it into a short sale and the whole process of learning to rent, has made my head spin. A blog about DIY/home improvement projects is on my mind. Because with moving comes fixing up things around here while daydreaming about a new space and setting it up just like I want it. Pinterest has been great for this. I don’t know if I’ll get to it all, but I have quite the collection of ideas.

The other site is going to be about my experience with being a Relative Caregiver transitioning to adoption. The process has been rewarding and yet extremely strenuous. There has been many a day that I wish I had somewhere to read as I’ve been navigating the process only I never have found anything of substance. Dealing with the state has been nothing short of migraine inducing every step of the way.

As you may have noticed the topics above are definitely ones that I am passionate about and that is a major key to niche blogging, I’ve learned.

What’s your take on niche blogging? How do you tackle the decision making process?

Ashley is a freelance writer for DIY Mother and specializes in all things DIY/home improvement. She’s been known to start painting or resurfacing a table on a whim, which often perturbs her husband, but he’s a good sport. In her spare time, which is rare, she builds Websites.

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