How Many Things Can I Break In One Week?

The answer is yet to be determined completely, but it sure seems like a lot. More specifically I seem to be killing off gadgets and accessories that I use when I’m working. Serious comparison shopping and a few spending splurges are going to be in order over the next few months so I can get things back to normal around here. Of course I see that as an advantage to make some upgrades in certain areas as well *wink wink*

The first thing to start getting wonky on me was my digital camera. I have an older model Canon PowerShot Pro (S5 IS) I guess it’s a little over five years old. The lens cap won’t stay on anymore and the flash is in awful shape, and something weird has been happening with the shutter lately.

Since we use this for family pictures and blog pictures I decided to replace this item first on the (long) list of things that needs replacing. I added a Canon PowerShot ELPH to my Amazon wishlist quite awhile ago so I could think about it and come back later.

If you’re an Amazon user I’m sure you’ve gotten the little emails from them now and then reminding of things you looked at or telling you that those things are currently on sale. It just so happened that I had some Amazon gift card money in there and the email popped up saying the camera was on sale, so I added it to my cart and checked out. The new camera came on Friday, still trying to learn how to do things with it and get the best results. Definitely very different than my previous camera.

Next up on the list of things to replace are my headphones – both sets! Argh. I use my headphones for all sorts of things, but mostly for my transcription business. I have two sets of headphones; one for the desktop and one for the laptop. In the last two weeks both have started going wonky on me.

The desktop headphones are wireless with a microphone attached (Plantronics 995) and they are quite a few years old now. I actually really liked those headphones a lot, so I considered just buying a new pair exactly the same. But I’m also considering buying a separate microphone to podcast with and I might just get standalone headphones instead. Not 100% decided yet.

The laptop headphones are just an inexpensive pair of iHip headphones that I bought to travel with. Yes, I really have Captain America headphones. I actually bought 6 pairs of iHip headphones over the summer – mine, and 5 pairs of ear bud style headphones for Brian and the boys to use in their iPods. While they are cute, fun, and sound great when you first use them, let’s just say they don’t seem to be meant for long term use.

I’m not sure what I’ll replace those with. I put my headphones through a lot of use, both business and personal, so I need them to last. I also need the sound quality to be clear and consistent. I’m looking at a few different models right now, this may be the most difficult decision I make all year. If you have recommendations or favorite products, please share in the comments below so I can add them to my comparison shopping list.

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