Squidoo Filter Finally Hitting Giant Squid Accounts… Flags Are Popping UP

warningWe’ve been waiting for it to happen and it’s finally sweeping through. After weeks of hearing other Squidoo lensmasters reporting their lenses flagged and locked I finally saw the flags pop up on my account today. 34 of my lenses were “flagged” as needing to be “fixed.”

The problem with this system is that they don’t what is wrong with the page, they just stick a yellow heads up warning on it and tell you to fix it or see it get locked and deleted forever. That doesn’t seem like a very efficient way to do things, especially since if you submit a support ticket to ask them a question about it you probably won’t receive a reply from them in the two week timeframe that you have to fix your flagged lens.

There was some discussion on Facebook about keeping track of what we change, what works as far as fixing and what doesn’t. Basically we’re trying to figure out what Squidoo wants since they can’t be bothered to tell us themselves…

Here’s a log of my flagged lenses and what I did with each one

deleteLego Atlantis Exploration HQ
This lens never really made many sales and the sales that it had over the holidays were already paid out. I’m 99% sure this one was flagged for over abundance of affiliate links and not having enough text descriptions in the Amazon modules. – Deleted, didn’t even attempt to fix.

acceptShun Kaji Fusion Knives
This was one of my first lenses on Squidoo, and I haven’t updated it in ages so I’m not surprised the filter caught this one. Truthfully, even though it ranks in the search engines for the keywords it targeted, it doesn’t make many sales. I added text descriptions to the Amazon module for each of the five cookbooks, changed the video the lens featured, and hit publish. Success – green light. This lens is no longer flagged.

deleteGhost Costume for Halloween
Another rather old lens. Amazon modules already had text descriptions… lens never made that many sales, all free traffic and never ranked very well even during Halloween. Deleted, didn’t attempt to fix.

acceptExtreme Pumpkins: Diabolical Do-It-Yourself Designs (book review)
Old lens again. Usually makes three or four sales during October, but nothing exciting here. Decided to try to do some quick fixing to rescue this lens.

Started by deleting my personal Amazon link and inserting a Squidoo Amazon module, then adding text descriptions to the existing Amazon modules on the page. Hit publish – still getting a low quality error.

Looks like possibly not enough content, so adding a poll module. Hit publish – still getting the low quality warning. Grrr.

One more try. Adding one more module with a little text and a photo. Hit publish – Success finally! Green light on the lens again.

deleteChristmas Cross Stitch Pattern Books
Honestly, no idea what’s wrong with this lens. All the Amazon modules have text in them. It already has more content than it has affiliate links. It wasn’t doing very well sales wise anyhow and I haven’t had much luck with the “So Crafty” magazine at all, so I’m taking this content and moving it to my own blog where I know it will do well. Deleted lens without trying to fix, taking content elsewhere. *waves goodbye*

deleteButterfly Halloween Costume Ideas
Another really old lens from way back when. The Amazon modules all had text already and the content was personalized. I have no idea what was “wrong” here and I didn’t feel like it was worth editing since it only made one or two sales per Halloween season. Deleted, didn’t attempt to fix.

deleteFamily of Comic Book Halloween Cosutmes
It irks me that this lens was flagged. Squidoo says “be personal and you won’t have a problem” with all these changes and whatnot – and this lens was very personal. This lens featured our family themed Halloween costumes for the year. Oh well… I have nothing to add and it wasn’t a money making page (because it was too personal and no one cared – oh the irony) Deleted, didn’t attempt to fix or change.

deleteFamous Green Bean Casserole Recipe
I’ve been hearing about a lot of recipe lenses getting flags and locks on them. The funny thing there is that Squidoo constantly encourages us to make these food lenses. There’s even a food club with a monthly quest – I’m part of the club and I enjoy those quests.

I’m not sure what’s wrong here either. I’m guessing to many Amazon links in comparison to the other content… so let’s remove a few of those and Hit Publish – low quality error.

Come on, filter. It’s a recipe, what more do you want from me?

Deleted two more products just in case it was the text versus products thing… Hit Publish – low quality error.

*sigh* Deleted “featured lens” module since a few other people were reporting this was a problem for them. Hit Publish – low quality error.

I give up on this one. There’s nothing else to say about the recipe. I gave the directions, photos, and commentary. It’s green bean casserole, it’s not rocket science. This lens only did well in November anyhow… My husband and I have a cooking blog, I can take this content there. Deleted lens *waves goodbye to Squidoo again*

acceptDoctor Who 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
Decent amount of content here. I suspect that the problem is the Amazon modules needing text added so I’ll start there again. Deleting eBay module because I don’t like it anyway. Removing a few Amazon products and adding text descriptions to the ones I keep… Hitting Publish – low quality error.

Looking at lens – content looks good, descriptions added, more text than links. What the hell?
Removed some Amazon products, put the eBay module back even though I don’t like it that much, and tweaked the intro module. Hit publish – low quality error.

Annoyed. Added another module, YouTube video. Hit Publish – low quality error.

Grr. Really annoyed. Someone mentioned keywords being an issue. I don’t really write for keywords, I write what comes naturally. Just in case I removed a few instances of the word screwdriver… Hit publish – low quality error.

Okay extra annoyed. Turned on my browser highlighter and realized the word screwdriver is still used 20 times on the page. That might be a bit much, so let’s take a few of those out and Hit Publish – Success finally! *insert singing and dancing here* Lens is green lighted again.

acceptQwirkle Board Game for Kids
Not a lot of links here, but plenty of content. YouTube video module didn’t have a title, so I added that. Hit Publish – low quality error.

Darn, was hoping for an easy fix. Okay let’s see. Condensed two Amazon Spotlight modules down into one regular Amazon module. Hit publish – low quality error.

Only four modules instead of the recommend five modules, even though I have plenty of content and text. Let’s add the about me module and hit publish – low quality error.

Let’s add another video module and hit publish – low quality error still.

*grumble* this is annoying. Turned on the Table of Contents option. Removed Amazon modules from sidebar widgets. Hit publish – low quality error.

No idea what else to change. One of my text modules includes my own Amazon link – going to remove that and replace it with a Squidoo Amazon module (Even though my image looks better in this particular case) – Hit publish – low quality error.

Still? I can’t find anything that is repetitive except maybe the word game. It is a game after all and I’ve mentioned family game night. Let’s see if I can tweak this to say “game” less often. Hit publish – low quality error again.

Let’s remove a few more instances of “game,” since I talked about family game night quite a bit. Also adding a poll module that includes a photo. Hitting publish – Green light! All good here.

acceptBlu-Ray Players versus DVD Players
Way more content than links, again not sure what the deal is here. Darn you filter. Going to tweak the intro module since it looks a little short and add a table of contents. Also deleted an RSS module that wasn’t working properly anymore. Hit publish – low quality error.

Grr – this lens has a ton of content on it. Seriously filter, what is your deal?
Added a few more lines of text just in case Mr.CrankyFilter thinks it’s not enough content… Hitting publish again – low quality error.

Now I’m annoyed.
Added text to each module. Hit publish – low quality error.

F’ing F you, filter. I hate you. Time for a coffee break.

Okay, I’m caffeinated so I’ll try again.
Removing sidebar Amazon widgets. Hitting publish – Green light magic! Thank goodness. I was about ready to give up and delete that one.

deleteFun Halloween Craft Ideas
Older lens originally made to promote a Halloween site that I no longer own. Didn’t feel like tweaking it to be relevant to current properties so I just hit the delete button on it.

acceptI Want a Snoopy Snowcone Maker for Christmas
Really old lens. I did this for a Rocket Moms challenge a long time ago. It has always been one of my lowest ranked lenses, so I have no issue deleting it if I need to. First, let’s try consolidating some of the Amazon Spotlights into a single Amazon module. Hit publish – low quality error.

Removing Amazon modules from sidebar and hitting publish – Green light and good to go! Glad I didn’t have to delete it, and I still want a snow cone maker.

That’s a wrap for the day!

That’s all I’m going to get done today. 13 out 34 taken care of isn’t too bad, so I’m satisfied with getting that much done. I have soccer practice to go to with the boys tonight and transcription projects to work on later… I’ll continue to keep a log of what changes work and what changes don’t work.

If you’re having trouble getting a lens to green light or want someone to take a peek at a lens you’ve had flagged, just drop me a note in the comments section here or send me an email and I’ll do my best to brainstorm it out with you.

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  1. Virginia Allain says:

    Marvelous job explaining your thinking and the process of fixing your lenses. Not only that, it was a fun read.
    I’m about 50% through my flagged lenses with the fixing process. Just fixing the easy ones first and will tackle the tougher ones tomorrow.

    • I’m glad it was helpful, I’ll definitely continue to keep track of changes and green lights. You should have heard me yelling at the screen while I was working on them -lol- the kids kept asking me the heck I was doing.

  2. Amanda Thomas says:

    I’m doing the same thing with the 11 I got notices on. Honestly I could tell what was wrong with each and every one of them when I saw they were flagged. There were none I didn’t think deserved it.

    • I did find myself thinking, “I was in a hurry when I wrote this one, it could definitely use a tweak or two,” pretty often on these ones.

  3. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    Wow – what a pain in the neck! Definitely interesting reading about all the fixes, though – may help me out if I get some warnings, for sure!


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