Will the New Year Bring New Niches?

It’s the 6th day of January and this is my first blog post of the year. Normally I would have had my planning done for the new year already, but this year was quirky and different and so far all I have is a list of the 14 domains I own and whether or not I want to keep them.

(Side note: at one point I owned around 50+ domains because I bought a domain for every idea I had – I’ve narrowed things way down over the years.)

Here’s the thing… I honestly don’t know what I want to do this year. I need to seriously re-evaluate everything from top to bottom and make some hard decisions about things. When it came time to work on the site planning for the new year the reason I put it off was mostly because I wasn’t happy with my results in 2013 and I didn’t want to look at the numbers for any length of time.

My results weren’t necessarily bad, but they weren’t great either. Everything was just sort of so-so and nothing got me excited to really dive into the details.

My cross stitch website that I love and that I’ve had since forever dropped in traffic twice in 2013 and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the problem was there. I’ve been working on fixing things there, so my smaller niche sites and blogs started to get a bit neglected. That includes this blog, obviously.

The sites that I created in the Forever Affiliate reviews have been interesting. Site B started off the strongest with traffic but has gone way down in both traffic and rankings after having top five rankings for quite awhile. I realized that’s mostly because it’s not an evergreen topic and that the products in the niche get outdated quickly. I’m thinking that site is going to get crossed off my list. Site A was a little slower to get rankings and traffic, but it’s much more evergreen and it’s holding strong and slowly moving its way up the ladder. I think it will be a keeper for at least another year.

My oldest son has a niche site idea that he wants me to help him build, so I need to figure out how to work that into the schedule. But, for the most part, everything is up in the air. I’m having a hard time seeing the big picture right now and I really want to get a little more focused in my efforts for 2014, so I can spend less time at my desk and more time with my family.

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