Fall RocketMoms Week #5 Challenge: Picture It

The 5th week of the Fall Rocketmoms session was all about using at least one picture you had personally taken (aka, not stock images) and telling the content story of that photo.

I actually struggled with this challenge at first. I was looking through my Flickr account trying to choose a photo and thinking I would do some kind of needlework tutorial post or something along those lines. Then I realized I’ve been taking a lot of food photos lately for my husband’s blog (Cooking with Zen) and I decided to go the food route with this challenge. What can I say? Food lenses are fun! And it was a good way to gain some new exposure for Brian’s food blog and hopefully earn him a few new fans since his cooking is really the star of this Squidoo lens, even if I did snap the pictures.

==> Banish Boring Baked Chicken Recipes Forever
(pictured below)

I did a quick check at Wordtracker and the main keyword here was baked chicken recipes, so I showcased several large pictures of chicken recipes that Brian had blogged about and then included links to the blog posts. It was a quick and easy lens and I think overall it came out well as a sort of introduction to the Cooking with Zen blog and style.

All right, I actually need to hop offline here and get a few things done before the kids get home today. Have a great day!
Loretta Oliver

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