Silver Lining to a Chaotic Weekend

Sometimes life is going to rain on your parade and that’s just the way it is. That doesn’t mean you give up or stop what you’re doing.

The past week or two has been full of ridiculous over here. Ridiculous. Even saying ridiculous three times doesn’t begin to explain how ridiculous. No internet, no power, no power and no internet, three whole days with no internet. So on and so forth like that over and over. And there’s not even a hurricane lurking on the coast. It wasn’t the whole neighborhood, just my house. Lucky me?

I think after visits from the cable company and the electric company today that everything is resolved, but whew it was crazy there for a minute. Especially adding to all that chaos that my youngest son has been sick Sunday through today, still is a little bit, but he’s recovering.

But, every dark cloud has a silver lining, right? All that time with no internet and no cable and no landline phone to ring all day meant that there were less distractions around me – at least up until the point where Ethan started running a fever and not feeling well. And it is amazing what you can do with less distractions!

I achieved quite a bit of writing and finished off several transcripts for clients in shorter time frames than usual, I just had to wait for the internet to be restored before I could deliver them. Now I have a list of article topics, an info product that’s almost ready to be launched, and loads of other things crossed off my list. I was a content creation machine during my days of being forcefully disconnected from the world.

I think I’m going to have to make it a daily ritual to unplug my modem for a few hours a day and just get stuff done. Fantastic!

What do you do to cut back on distractions and get focus work done to drag the brilliance out of your mind, even if it’s being drug out of there kicking and screaming?

Loretta Oliver

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