Setting Goals for December 2011

Wow, nearly the end of 2011 already and this is my third monthly goal setting post here on Niche Twitch. Where has all the time gone?

Quick review of November’s goals before I dive into making December’s list…

My income goal for November was $3,200. I am happy to report that I met my financial goal for the month, which was fortunate because November came with many unexpected expenses and a lot of cold and flu germs and trips to the pharmacy for cough syrup and Vicks. Blah.

My task goals in November including reviewing my web real estate and selling off anything that didn’t make the top of my list. As you can see I’ve got a few projects listed for sale right here on the blog and I’ve already sold a few others. So I can cross that off the list. I started changing links on my cross stitch site to replace the affiliate program with no cookie life – ugh, long task, still a lot to do and still seeking new and better programs that will fit in with that site’s content.

So December is going to be a little bit different. My transcription business has a tendency to slow down a bit in December and it’s the perfect time to work on finishing up some other personal projects that are feeling a bit neglected – so that’s what December is all about! Getting things finished and wrapped up so that when the new year arrives I’m ready to rock it.

I’m skipping the income goal for December – no dollar signs in my eyes right now, it’s all about crossing things off my personal list of to-dos.

  • Finish webinar info product and release via Clickbank
  • Add a blog section to my transcription service business site
  • Make a few more Holiday Gift Guide Squidoo lens pages (because my existing ones make great sales)
  • Brainstorm new content ideas for cross stitch site
  • Schedule blog posts ahead on calendar on several sites

The main to-do is the webinar info product. I really want to have that done and launched or ready to launch by the end of December. It’s really close already, just needs some final tweaking and added to the marketplace over at Clickbank. Also considering getting something like Easy Clickmate to help manage my product list.

What are your goals for the end of the year?

Let’s make it a great month,
Loretta Oliver

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