3 Ways I Repurposed a Blog Post

One of my post contributions at ItsaWAHMThing.com was a blog post titled 14 Quotes to Keep Any Work at Home Mom Inspired. I really enjoyed putting that post together and I wanted to find some other ways to use that content, so I brainstormed a bit and here’s what I came up with…

Sharable Graphics

I created some fun graphics with the quotes on them and added them to Pinterest. I also used this as an opportunity to link those graphics to the original blog post from Pinterest. Yay for link love!

I also posted these graphics on Facebook, again linking to the original blog post. Each graphic received plenty of likes and shares, which was of course meant the URL was shared along with it.

Content for Another Website

I created cross stitch patterns with the quotes to offer for free downloads to my readers at Stitching the Night Away. When these posts go live over there the images I created there are of course also pinnable to Pinterest and sharable to Facebook. Yay for more link love!

Short Report Style Content

I put together a PDF with the quotes and some other information, then I submitted that “report” to sites like Scribd.com, which also includes links back to the original blog post.

Again, very sharable via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… Sharable content makes the web go’round!

And one more thing I did …

This blog post! While I didn’t use the content from the original blog posts here, I sure did talk about it a lot 😉

None of these three things took me very much time to do, they were all quite easy, and they were all very sharable across the web.

You work hard at creating your content, don’t waste it by using it one time and being done with it. Find multiple ways to use your content and reach your target audience in the places they are across the web.

How do you repurpose your content?!
Loretta Oliver

4 thoughts on “3 Ways I Repurposed a Blog Post”

  1. Very cool post, Retta! I love the pinterest idea the most. I think it’s just because I’m slightly addicted too it…lol! Oh, and I also love to hear more about how to actually create one of those graphics… hint, hint!

  2. Thanks you guys 🙂 I opened my graphics program and made a square, added some text, and some images that I had. Mine are no where near as nice as the ones that Nicole Dean did recently, I did these ones quick and in a hurry.

  3. Pure genius! Thanks for sharing exactly how you took one concept and repurposed it. It was great to actually see an example instead of listening to someone say, “You can repurpose your content.”

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