Three Ways To Ensure Repeat Blog Visitors

a guest blog post by Missy Diaz

The statement “build it and they will come” does not necessarily apply to the world of blogging, in fact the statement “build it and potentially be ignored” may be more accurate.

The availability and ease in which to create a blog means that there are a lot of low quality, unoriginal blog sites looming around cyber world giving the serious high quality bloggers a bad name.

And because of that fact, the bloggers with a real purpose have to fight a little harder to inspire individuals to visit, to keep coming back and to tell their friends. However, it is possible to gain a genuine following and to create a positive name for your blog.

People visit blog sites for three main reasons; to be entertained, to be inspired and to be educated and while many high quality sites do just that, numerous are still left unviewed. The fact is that it takes a lot more than building an awesome blog to generate return admirers, in the world of billions; your blog has to stand out in order to be seen. Below are three ways to ensure repeat blog visitors.

Three Ways to Ensure Repeat Blog Visitors:

1. Find out what works and what doesn’t work: In addition to writing high value SEO friendly content, it is essential to know what keywords are popular for your blog. Using tracking tools like Google Analytics you can easily find out what works and what doesn’t work so you can keep writing buzz worthy content that will inspire return visits.

2. Establish a relationship with your admirers: Commenting on comments left by folks that read your posts is a quick and easy way to build a relationship and keep readers visiting.

3. Promote your Blog/link exchange: It is important to promote your blog and its contents or no one will know it exists. With social networks and niche community sites easily assessable this task is an easy one. Getting your face out there, posting your URL’s and asking other blogs in your niche to spread the word is an easy way to gain return followers.

Follow our tips above and you’ll have readers coming back for more in no time at all. The key is to not give up and to try different things to see what works, because different niches produce different results. We’ve heard countless stories of blog owners who do not get many comments per blog post, yet make a very nice income from their blog sites. If this describes you, rejoice as many who do get blog comments – usually sit and hope the money will roll in. At least yours is a money making blog. However we will go a step further and say that whether your blog is making good money or not, do not give up hope on establishing a community. It can be done, but sometimes it can take elbow grease and lots of time.

This article comes courtesy of freelance guest writer Missy Diaz who works for an online high speed internet provider.

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