Update on February Goal

So my February goal is to get one (or maybe even two) of my ebooks published for Kindle.

I’m working on the first step right now, which is writing an update to my transcription course product. The meat of the product is already there, I’m just going through the whole thing and adding a few extra tidbits and changing a few recommendations, like the hosting company I recommend, since I’ve made those changes in my own business.

I’ve got a few pages done and changed some of the formatting. Why on earth did I use bright green to highlight in the original report? I don’t know.

When I’m all done rewriting the original product I’ll send that update out to my students and change the download for new buyers. Then I’m going to create a slightly different version for the Kindle. I haven’t quite figured out how I want to do that yet since the original product is the ebook plus an ever growing series of follow up messages that include Q&A and additional articles.

I think I need to create a special Kindle buyers landing page for them to come opt in to get the follow up sequence. Or I can just create additional chapters to the report and include them directly in the Kindle version. I’m not sure which route would be better. I’d love to hear any thoughts on this in the comments section below.

Back to work…
Loretta Oliver

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  1. I’d do the special page for Kindle customers, and include an invite/call to action page at the end of the kindle book and then mention it at least one other place in the kindle version. this way you can further serve your kindle customers over time and they’ll get the benefit of the extra content, drip fed over time. Ive seen this technique work really well with my self-publishing coaching clients, and think it fits this particular product well. my 2 cents 🙂

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