7 Days Into June…Content Experiment Update

So my goal for June was to work on daily posted content with a little niche and see what happens. Here we are on the 7th day of June and I figured it was a good time to check on the stats…

June’s Experiment Site A: Traffic is climbing and about 15 new people have subscribed in the 7 day period. Lots of Facebook shares (posts from the week getting between 30 – 120 Facebook shares each)

June’s Experiment Site B: Traffic is sticking around the average, sign ups are still around the average, not a lot of noticeable traffic changes yet. I did notice there were about 10 new incoming links from folks linking to the new content this week, so that is a huge plus.

I won’t really be able to tell if the affiliate income has gone up until the month is over, so we’ll look at that later. For now I’ll keep an eye on the traffic and subscribers.

I’ll check on things again in a week. In the meantime, I have more content to put together 😉

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