Electronics Reviews Affiliate Site Niche Project Update After Second Month Online

niche electronics review site Can you say slacker? That’s what we were throughout the entire second month of the site.

We got so much done in the first month, but we did not repeat that effort in the second month and it shows.

==> Here’s the recap after month one in case you missed it.

electronics traffic month twoWe only received about the half traffic in month two that we did in month one. The good news is that traffic was targeted and we still had three sales during the month.

I know three sales sounds like a very small number, and it is, but when you’re selling electronics even three sales can make a difference in your affiliate commissions for the month (in my opinion, at least)

In the second month we managed to add a few pages to the site and we did four more articles for Ezine Articles and also managed to get a few other incoming links. The other thing I managed to get done was fixing the menus and navigation that weren’t working, the theme required using the custom menus within WordPress so I just had to set those up to fix it. That was about all we did, so I would venture to say three sales as a result of such minimal effort wasn’t a completely horrible result!

I did pick up a subscription to Susanne Myer’s Daily Affiliate Tasks to help keep us on track with this site and I’m also going through it and applying Susanne’s lists to my marketing efforts on my cross stitch site. I love having pre-made to-do lists and it helps to focus on one thing at a time. I’m working on week four right now and week five just landed in my inbox so I’m looking forward to that.

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