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I originally started the electronics review website that I talked about here as a project for teaching my son how to use WordPress, etc… With school and activities starting up in the fall he’s not going to be able to maintain the site on a regular basis and I already have a full plate to work with at the moment.

Before the site becomes too far neglected I’d like to sell it to someone who has the time to grow it out and work on it more frequently than my son is able to do right now. (As a side note, if you’re looking for a daily checklist to work from for a niche project, I highly recommend Daily Affiliate Tasks)

Here are the current stats for the site=>
Electronics Review Website Stats

In case you missed the series on the progress he made with the site you’ll find that here:

We have been seeing a few sales per month via Amazon and we had a few dollars from Skimlinks during this time.

A lot of the content on the website is repurposed content. In many cases we started with things like PLR that we tweaked and rewrote, etc… We also did some article marketing with Ezine Articles and other article directories (I will leave the articles we wrote in place and linking to the site for you), and gained some other links from various sources in social media, and so forth. We hadn’t gotten too deep into link building yet, but there are some good backlinks pointing towards the site so far.

~ Site No Longer Available for Sale ~ Thank you ~

The domain name is through Namecheap — Hosting is currently at Reliable Webs — both are easily moved into your own accounts of choice. In addition to transferring the website to you, we’ll also give you the information for the social media accounts associated with it so that you can just pick up where Dylan and I left off on the project.

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  1. I also have too many blogs so I know what its like. To be successful you usually have to put the hours in. Good luck with finding it a new caring owner!

    • Thank you, Jon. When I started this project with my son I didn’t realize how many “extras” he would be doing in the fall. His crazy advanced math and science classes plus two sports this year ~ I’m a frazzled mom just thinking about the hours of homework and visits to the physical therapy office during sports season.

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