Setting September’s Goals and a Few Updates

I love September ~ it’s probably my favorite month of the entire year. There’s so much going on this month. Fall Baseball starts up for my son. The kids go back to school and start meeting new friends and joining new activities. One of my boys (Noah) turns 13 years old this month. My transcription business is always in full swing in September as everyone gets back into routines after summer break. My 15 year wedding anniversary is this month. It’s FALL – I love Fall! The whole month is just inspiring for me and feel like I’m walking on clouds the whole time, which equals massive motivation for me.

So a few quick updates first since I haven’t done a goal post in awhile, I’ve been very behind in blogging. The first part of the update is actually part of that – my transcription business has been growing and busy. I’m working with a full team and expansion is in the works on that side of my online life. I was looking over our financials and my income has almost doubled from last year with everything combined and I’m looking to continue adding to that with affiliate marketing and some other things, like Kindle publishing which seems to be crazy popular right now. I’ve been busy working on little things behind the scenes here and there, writing, outlining ideas, gathering my thoughts and getting ready to make a big push for change and improvement in everything that I do.

Two new projects are getting tossed into the line up this month.

First is VA Helper Blog and Podcast. I’ve had this domain for a few years now actually, it was originally intended to host a free report, a paid report, and a weekly blog/newsletter. Then I got lost somewhere along the way and I forgot all about it while working on other things. A few weeks ago I was scratching out some ideas on a legal pad and it finally hit me ~ a short podcast specifically for virtual assistants of all kinds to grow their business and make things more efficient. It’s something I could talk about at length for hours on end, so recording content should be no problem. Having that content transcribed is equally easy since I specialize in transcription 😉

To bring the whole thing together there I reached out to a handful of virtual assistants that I work with on a regular basis, friends that I’ve made online over the years who all specialize in different areas of online business, to form a group of seven VAs to work on the blog and help other virtual assistants with advice, tips, and things we’ve learned over the years. The group of us together can accomplish pretty much anything and I think it’s going to be a fantastic group venture full of fun, education, and more income for everyone.

Second up is Mission Lunchbox, a brand new domain and project that I’m working on with my husband and my kids. This actually started as an idea for a weekly blog post on my husband’s cooking blog (Cooking with Zen) and while we were in the brainstorming process it just grew so much that we decided to house it on it’s own domain and give it a little more attention.

The project includes a few posts per week, some downloadable pages like shopping lists and weekly menus, plus a few fun recipes and creative ideas for packing lunches on a daily basis instead of the same old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches over and over again – for kids and for adults. We’re going to start weekly challenges next week and put up the first downloadable page towards the end of next week as well. Future plans for Mission Lunchbox include low cost reports ($7 price points most likely), a podcast, and a few other little surprises.

Some of my goals for September include:

  • Getting ahead of schedule on transcription work while the kids are at school
  • Record and upload the first podcast to VA Helper
  • Writing and scheduling blog posts on all blogs
  • Graphics and design tweak at Mission Lunchbox
  • Free download pages and weekly challenges at Mission Lunchbox
  • Newsletter set ups for both VA Helper and Mission Lunchbox
  • Remember to come back here and blog at Niche Twitch!

Thank you for checking in with me. What are you planning for this month?
Loretta Oliver

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