Mid-September Goal Update

You might remember my goals list for September, of the things that I wanted to get done this month at the very least…. here’s a middle of the month update on my progress…..

  • Getting ahead of schedule on transcription work while the kids are at school
  • Record and upload the first podcast to VA Helper
  • Writing and scheduling blog posts on all blogs
  • Graphics and design tweak at Mission Lunchbox
  • Free download pages and weekly challenges at Mission Lunchbox
  • Newsletter set ups for both VA Helper and Mission Lunchbox
  • Remember to come back here and blog at Niche Twitch!

I’m about halfway through this list and I have some other things that I still need to do. I recorded the first podcast episode, but I still need to edit it and get it live to the world! That’s actually one of my goals for today 😉

The new projects I started this month are coming along really nicely. The team at VA Helper is awesome and we’re having a lot of fun getting the site going.

The Mission Lunchbox site, all I can say is WOW I didn’t expect it to take off on me like this. Within the first week I saw two affiliate sales via Amazon and I only have one product recommended – the lunch bags that my kids are using this year. I also received a nice handful of comments already (real ones from real people ~ woohoo), which is always nice when you’re starting a new site to know that someone is listening and interested in what you’re doing.


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