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Guest bloggers are always welcome here at Niche Twitch!

I’d love to have you be a guest and share your thoughts with my readers as well. Varied opinions are a great thing and I find that guest posts turn into wonderful thought provoking discussions.

Benefits of Being a Guest:

  • Share your information with a new audience.
  • Links, links, links. I’m not greedy with links here, you can link from within your article and from within your author bio at the end of the post.
  • Promotion. I promote every post here on Niche Twitch, whether I wrote it or you wrote it. It will get backlinks to it, it will be shared in social media, it will be promoted. I promise.
  • Did I mention links and promotion?
  • It’s free. There is no charge for a guest post here on the blog. This isn’t advertising, this is you helping me and me helping you. I need content to publish and you need content published. Easy peasy.

How to Submit a Guest Post:
I’d like to keep this super simple. Just send me an email (retta.oliver AT and let me know you want to be a guest, mention what the topic of your post or posts might be, when you’d like to be published if you’re aiming for a certain time frame, and then I’ll get back to you with approval. If you already have an article written that you’d like to submit feel free to attach it to the email.

Other Notes About Being a Guest:
Your guest post doesn’t have to be written, a video would be wonderful as well. Or maybe you rock at creating info graphics, that would be awesome too. Don’t feel limited to just a typed up article, do what works for you and I’ll be glad to share it as long as it fits in topic wise here on the blog.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Loretta Oliver

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