Adding New Niches To Old Niche Sites

I’ve always been one of those people that agree with the logic that you should do something you already know relatively well and enjoy OR pick a topic that you’ve always wanted to learn more about or expand upon. I learned the hard way that it makes writing and content creation that much easier, not to mention the motivation to keep going.

In my last post, “Breathing New Life into Old Niches,” I briefly mentioned how I was going through a big move and in doing so I was gaining an office. Prior to the move it had been several years since I had a dedicated work space and I was excited. Full of bright ideas and intentions I started to focus on my new work space while also dusting off old sites.

Expanding On Niche Sites

In that same post from before I mentioned finding a big box full of notebooks and papers that contained new site ideas. I sat down with my to-do list and the box to see if any of those ideas were still of any interest to warrant a new site. Or if any of those ideas could apply to an old site and in a few cases it did. As an aside, I found some keyword ideas that made me laugh and I can’t even say that I remember what my thought process was at that time! However, it was neat to see how far I’ve evolved over the years in my thoughts and how I tackle projects.

Okay, back on point. One of my old niches was a site that focused on buying business products – from checks to laptops to business management books and more. Adding another niche that focused on office furniture made sense because it’s also a business purchase and it allows plenty of room to expand even further. I could write about picking the proper desk and a comfortable chair to office décor and design.

Niche Selection Tips

When picking a niche try not to pick one so small and elusive that you end up having no way to expand. It’s always a good idea to be able to make it bigger and better and have more areas to grow over time. That is the logic I was using with my old and new sites.

If there isn’t enough information within a niche to create an entire site, at least do a few posts on that topic since they are still relative to your niche and you can funnel the traffic. Fresh, consistent and relative content will make for a greater flow of traffic which is the entire point, right?

I’m doing things a little backwards in these instances since I’m not creating new sites but rather trying to recharge sites that are in need of a makeover. But it still applies – whether you are starting new or trying to boost an old site give yourself space to grow and add more topics and niches.

With the year in the final quarter hard decisions are being made. What to keep, what to sell and what just won’t work. So dust off those sites and sell them or give them a boost and breathe new life into them.

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