Adding Your Blog to Kindle Takes All of 15 Minutes

I added three of my blogs to Kindle last Friday in just a few minutes. I included this one, of course. This was one of those things that I had looked at several months ago and quickly got pushed aside because I wasn’t sure how to do it. And then of course I completely forgot that I ever intended to it, because I didn’t write it on the to-do list.

It turned out to be quite easy actually. Friday afternoon I was looking for a bit of info about using Kindle for the reports that I’m working and some random thing reminded me that I wanted to do this. I was already logged into the Kindle book publishing platform, so I figured I’d just add it while I was in there …. but that’s not where you publish your blog to Kindle.

Kindle Blog Publishing is a separate platform and you actually need to set up an additional login and account profile. (Note here, it will not let you use the same username and password that you use for your other account, it has to be different.)

kindle blog publishing platform

Setting that part up is pretty easy, just your username, password, and then you’ll want to add your profile information and your financial information for where to send payments to when you’ve earned the minimum amount. Registration took all of two minutes in total.

Then you go to the Your Blogs tab and click on +Add Blog.

This form pops up for you to add the details, starting with the RSS feed, title, description, etc… It’s all pretty standard as if you were adding your blog to a directory, there’s even a place for keywords to be entered. You’ll want to add a screenshot of your blog and a banner image as well. Click save and you can generate a preview.

Filling out the initial form took maybe five minutes since I went to grab fresh screenshot images. You can publish to Kindle without previewing, but I wanted to see how it would look so I waited for the preview to render, which took maybe another five minutes. If you’re happy with the preview you can click Publish to Kindle and *poof* you’re done.

You’ll have to wait up to 48 hours for approval before it shows up live on Amazon, but you’re basically finished and it only took about 15 minutes of your time. Easy peasy and you have a new way for people to find you and receive your content. All three of the blogs I added were live on Amazon within less than 24 hours, so the wait time was quite short.

niche twitch blog on kindle platform

The only thing I don’t like about this setup is you can’t make it free, it has to be a minimum of $0.99 per month to subscribe to the blog. For someone that reads a lot of blogs that can quickly add up. I know I personally haven’t added any blogs to my Kindle yet because of the monthly fees.

So there you go, top to bottom adding your blog to Kindle platform start to finish fast and easy. You can totally do that. So what are you waiting for?
Loretta Oliver

P.S. I’d love to see some reader reviews over on the Kindle page for this blog on Amazon. If you could take a moment to hop over there and leave a few words I would really appreciate that. Thank you 🙂

3 thoughts on “Adding Your Blog to Kindle Takes All of 15 Minutes”

  1. Thanks
    Looks like you can’t do this CHROME browser (I got a warning message to switch to something called Internet Explorer -lol ) also it may only be available in the USA and I am in the UK
    Will check this further and appreciate the info

    1. The message popped up when I went there the first time too, but I did actually do everything above and take all those screenshots using Chrome.

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