Affiliate Marketing “What I Do” Info Graphic

So lately these “what I actually do” info graphic memes are popping up all over the web. My youngest son, who just turned 11 over the weekend, in all his brilliance said, “You need one of those for your whatever you do on a website thing. People don’t get it, mom.” He’s a smart cookie that child of mine…


And Ethan says “Don’t forget to pin it! == Pin It

Have an awesome day – whatever it is that you do!
Loretta Oliver

3 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing “What I Do” Info Graphic”

  1. Love it! I wanted to do one of these for a PLR writer since nobody except for internet marketers have a clue, and many of those don’t either. But as I started to sketch it out I realized I’d probably spend hours on it. So, how long did it take you to make this?

    1. I spent maybe 15 minutes total on it, most of that was trying to figure out what should go in the “what my kids think” box :-p

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