Affiliate Program Being Cancelled and Deactivated – Grumble, Sigh, Grrr

dogiceI received an email today telling me that the affiliate program for a shop I promote on one of my sites will be cancelled and closed, after October 31st affiliate commissions will no longer be paid out for referrals.

This is a huge headache and it’s certainly discouraging as I’m getting back into working on my niche projects after some crazy life stuff took over my time and I needed to step away for awhile…

The affiliate program in question was poorly managed to begin with, but I tolerated it and worked with it as best I could because it was literally the only affiliate program for the products I wanted to promote. I even offered more than once to help them with their affiliate program, to help them set up better tracking and reporting, to recruit new affiliates for them, and to work with their program manager to set up some cool new tools for affiliates to use. They ignored me frequently or shrugged it off with relies like “we don’t need those fancy things” and “we’re low budget,” to which I even offered to help them for free just so I could have better tools to use in my promotions. So now I’m frustrated and a little bit sad.

I need to seek out replacement links and start the task of replacing all the promotional links ~ side note: thank goodness I use redirects on everything so I can just go to my Pretty Link dashboard and swap links out without having to sift through blog posts to find each individual link. So far I haven’t found a specific program to replace the one that’s closing, but I can probably dig up a few Amazon links to use and I’ll gladly replace some with links to other sites that don’t have affiliate programs just to share the love. Maybe if I get lucky I can send someone enough traffic to consider opening their own affiliate or referral program! (I can dream, can’t I?)

I’ll have a notebook handy all weekend to brainstorm new monetization ideas for that niche site… I have a few ideas already, but I feel like I need to mix things up more and offer something creative. A lot of similar sites simply sell advertising, and while I do offer advertising there I want to do something more, something bigger, something that’s both profitable and fun that doesn’t clutter up the sidebar. If you have any ideas or tips, please do leave a comment. I’m open to all suggestions 😉

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Program Being Cancelled and Deactivated – Grumble, Sigh, Grrr”

  1. Loretta,

    I don’t know what types of products are involved, but you might try skimlinks? Or do they only link to Amazon anyway?

    Also, do you have a blog post on setting up all your links with redirects? If not, I’d love to see one some day so I can be sure to develop the same good habit!

    Thank you and good luck!

    1. I actually already have Skimlinks installed on the niche site just in case it would pick up anything hoping it might show me affiliate programs I hadn’t yet discovered, but it only ever seems to pick up Amazon stuff or random mentions of odd items, never anything specific to the niche on that particular site.

      I use the Pretty Links Lite plugin for my affiliate link redirects, it’s ridiculously easy to use and it’s free. There is a Pro version if you want more stats and options, but so far I’ve found the Lite version to be just right for what I use it for. If you’re on your WordPress dashboard you can go to Plugins and then search Pretty Link and it should come up for you to install.

      It keeps a list right there in WordPress for you and then when a program changes its link structure or, in this case goes away, you can edit the existing links without having to edit every blog posts you’ve ever written. And the links looks prettier when someone hovers over them, it turns them into

      Hope that helps ~ it’s a really handy plugin to have!

  2. I just shut down my affiliate program too. Have been told that 90% of folks that sign up never sell or promote it, and that was true for mine as well. Was more of a time suck for me on the admin side than it was worth. So, while I understand you missing, I also understand their desire to kill it. You have to sell in big volume to make it worthwhile.
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    1. That aspect of things does make sense, but that’s not the reason they’re closing this particular affiliate program from what I understand.

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