Amazon Income Opportunities – There’s More Than Just an Affiliate Program

When we think of Amazon we most often think of books, Prime, or the affiliate program. There are so many income opportunities available with Amazon these days, it’s hard to remember them all.

  1. Marketplace – seller central
  2. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – sell stuff and let Amazon handle the fulfillment and customer service
  3. Handmade – where artists and makers sell their goods
  4. Developer – sell your apps on Amazon
  5. Merch – t-shirts and more
  6. Flex – Amazon’s force of well paid delivery drivers
  7. Associates – the affiliate program
  8. Kindle publishing
  9. CreateSpace Publishing (print on demand self publishing)
  10. Mechanical Turk – do small tasks and get paid
  11. S3 – affordable cloud storage for your digital info products
  12. Jobs – virtual customer service & remote positions
  13. Launchpad – promoting startups and cool stuff
  14. Payments – accept online and mobile payments on your ecommerce site securely

Amazon: Additional Income Streams and Tools You Can Use

Do you see an additional income stream that might fit into your life? Maybe there’s a tool you could use in your online business.

Did I miss any in my list? There really are so many services and tools available from Amazon that it can be difficult to remember them all.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Income Opportunities – There’s More Than Just an Affiliate Program”

  1. Great post Loretta,
    Honestly, I’m surprised seeing a lot of things that Amazon do on this post. Initially, I thought it’s only has the kindle, physical products, FBA, createspace, and affiliate platform.

    This goes to show once again that there are several opportunities one can easily leverage to make money on the internet. Once you are not lazy, and you are ready to put in the necessary work, the opportunities are insanely endless.

    Amazon is indeed a very wonderful marketplace with lots of great and unbelievable opportunities for bloggers, writers, and marketers at all level. Once you are doing any form of business on the internet, does not really matter what area you are into, you will definitely find a good opportunity to make money from Amazon.

    I’m sure this post will show a lot of folks how to tap into the enormous money making chances in Amazon and create a business for themselves on the internet.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, and do have a super weekend.

    BTW: I think you should really look into this your social sharing buttons on mobile, it’s typically covering a lot of space on mobile, and it’s kinda annoying.

    1. Thanks for the great comment ~ and thanks for letting me know about the buttons on mobile. They were supposed to resize and be smaller, but they definitely seem huge over on mobile! 😮 I’ll definitely look into fixing that.

    1. Amazon offers a few payment options from their affiliate program, all very good options and safe to receive. You can even be paid via Amazon Gift Certificate.

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