Amazon Updated the iFrames and They’re Definitely Not Awful

Amazon is still my favorite affiliate program. When I earn a commission from them I feel like I’m supporting my own personal book habit and thirst for content to consume (I generally read a book a week through most of the year, sometimes two books a week on holidays! My Kindle is often an extension of my arm.)

Despite my love of their program, I didn’t really love or even like the ready-to-use iframe display they generated for affiliate links. Until today. They updated it recently – and this may be old news, but I just noticed today when I went to grab a link for a blog post on another site.

Look at that…. over there to the right. Much better than the old style. The shop now button is nicer and this updated style reflects Amazon’s site so much better than the old style iframe links they offered. (side note: I generated a link to Nicole Dean’s Blogging for Profit book to use as an example, it’s a fun read if you haven’t picked it up yet)

I might just grab these copy and paste displays from the toolbar more often from now on. What do you think of the updated look?

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